You may be aware of what's going on in USA. I'm not going to go in detail over this, but I'm going to state that I stand with the protesters. For the end of racist policing, for the end of capitalism.

Other than that, little status update on melonDS. We're going to merge the JIT branch for 0.9. I figured that it would be easier to merge the DSi branch first, so I've been updating it. I'm going to clean it up some and fix a few things to make it good for a release.

The Qt UI is also nearly complete. All that remains to be done is the cheat interface and taking care of VSync. The other issues have been solved, including the one where the final executable required 25 DLLs -- by using the qt5-static package for MSYS2, I managed to get it down to a standalone executable that is about 21MB in size.
Phantop says:
Jun 23rd 2020
Just popping to say hell yeah Ari for speaking what should be an uncontroversial view in a sane world (did not see this post earlier) and good riddance to the bigots who view this as a bad thing.
BigMan says:
Jul 16th 2020
This is hella late but i just wanna say that what you did is great and absolutely not for nothing. Letting people know that racists are not welcome, having racists out themselves, and normalizing the BLM movement and conversations about it is doing your part
BigMan says:
Jul 16th 2020
*ESPECIALLY* in the gaming community. Like, holy shit, theres a lot of racism around here whether overt or subtle
Echo says:
Jul 22nd 2020
I was lookin into this emualtor as I reorganizing my emulators, but I came across this post and thought it was rather aggressive and tone deaf in parts. While saying BLM is great and all, I find that "Death to Capitalism" isn't really representative of the issues we're facing in America. Regardless I think Im going to hold off installing this emulator. I hope you can make emulator great but really inserting politics isnt good for anything besides controversy and conflict. Despite being inclusive and all though you're prob just going to write me off as being unimportant ignore it but I hope you realise that making these sweeping statements that miss the target is gogin to affect you eventually.
Arisotura says:
Jul 23rd 2020
oh boo hoo hoo, a post I don't like, I'm totally boycotting your product now.

good for you.
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