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Posted on 07-12-18 08:39 AM, in Questioning the WiFi and what it means here. Link | #624
You have such an adorable picture and name :D

You maybe could use a patching tool to 'inject' AR codes, I think it's called DSARM or DSATM? It'd be more convenient if/once SB adds AR support to Wi-Fi. ^^

Posted on 07-12-18 08:43 AM, in GBAtek addendum/errata Link | #625
I'd actually like to see an open-source documentation (perhaps a melonDS wiki) on this. As you say GBATEK is great but yeah.

Also you did a nice job explaining things, you've always been clear ^^

Posted on 07-12-18 08:47 AM, in (because every board needs one) The introductions thread Link | #626
Emulation basically is like an interpreter? I'm not sure what else to say haha, I'm clueless.

Oh, and this is Jamie from Kafuka. I'm not sure why I reregistered here at all... nevertheless it might teach me things! ^^

Main - Posts by TechnoNightz

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