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Posted on 07-09-18 07:49 PM Link | #619
So basically, I heard this can emulate some kind of WiFi, have it be Emu - Emu or Emu - DS

What im confused on, is that when I Get on say, Pkmn Black 2, and I go to set up WiFi, why does it not let me connect to WiFi at all, doesnt show any Access points?

Maybe im just not understanding the WiFi term here?

Posted on 07-09-18 08:16 PM Link | #620
wifi is for emulating local multiplayer between two melonDS instances or more.

there was experimental code for access point support, but it hasn't been released.


Posted on 07-10-18 11:46 AM Link | #621
Oh, Okay thanks for the clarification! Atleast it has Emu > Emu support, and makes trading across games alot easier.

With little layout to the File - System - Config where, or howq would I go about getting the FPS cap higher, and using say a action replay?

--Nice to see a main dev actually replying to Forum concerns, it shows alot for your passion :D

Posted on 07-10-18 11:57 AM Link | #622
well tbh my passion has been going down these times, as well as real life shito getting in the way, but that might pick up later on

the FPS cap is fixed at 60. some versions let you toggle it by pressing Tab iirc. not that melonDS is very fast, so... yeah.

Action Replay and such aren't supported.


Posted on 07-10-18 02:02 PM Link | #623
Exporting and Importing Saves must be viable then correct?

So I could Export > AR codes/Muck the game > Import back to Melon
although this is kind of a waste of time and such.

Hopefully the passion and real life, come back and get easier! You're doing a great job on the emulator so far!!

Posted on 07-12-18 08:39 AM Link | #624
You have such an adorable picture and name :D

You maybe could use a patching tool to 'inject' AR codes, I think it's called DSARM or DSATM? It'd be more convenient if/once SB adds AR support to Wi-Fi. ^^

Main - General - Questioning the WiFi and what it means here. New reply

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