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Posted on 04-08-21 09:29 AM Link | #3565

I am new to using melon DS but have recently been having a great time playing Pokemon platinum on my pc. I have played for this week, got about halfway through the game and randomly yesterday when I went to open the game, it started from the beginning. I went to check for my save file and it wasn't there, though there was an empty .sav file (0kb). I was able to replicate this issue when I tried to save the restarted game, it told me it saved but it still didn't save. The only thing that fixed it was running it as an administrator, where it was able to save the game. I'm wondering why my game went from being able to save with no issue to not being able to save unless run as an administrator. I checked that it has all the needed permissions in windows to run fine and it does. Also when it didn't save right the first time, when I booted up melonds I had to also reconfigure the bioses and firmware.

Does anyone have any idea what could have made this program stop saving? In game all I remember is I tried to do online trading, it didn't work (I dont have the wifi config fully set up), and then exiting out of the game and closing my laptop. The game makes you save before entering online trading so I really am confused as to why my save was no longer there.

Posted on 04-09-21 10:21 AM Link | #3571
This could be a number of things. Somehow MelonDS doesn't have the permissions to correctly access files.

This might be a change in your Windows environment (like a Windows update) or your antimalware limiting MelonDS. We can't know for sure.

Main - Compatibility / Testing - Pokemon game save deleted New reply

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