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Posted on 09-13-20 02:55 PM Link | #2323
Hi Whenever i click open on a gba rom and then boot firmware and click open gba game on the ds firmware i just get a white screen can someone help me? im new to these forums so sorry if im posting in the wrong section

Posted on 09-13-20 10:20 PM Link | #2326
melonDS can't play Game Boy Advance games. It can only use them to the extent that DS games use them, like to transfer Pokémons and stuff.

Posted on 09-15-20 01:06 PM Link | #2333
Oh then how do i transfer pokemon? i played a emerald playthrough in visualboy advance can i import it in melonds?

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Posted on 09-15-20 01:21 PM Link | #2334

start the DS Pokemon game, then open your gba rom, so it will be "inserted" into the second slot

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Posted on 09-15-20 01:54 PM Link | #2335
The GBA cartridge must be inserted before booting, or it will not be detected (as on real hardware).

Main - General chatter - I cant start a gba rom on melonDs New reply

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