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Posted on 05-16-20 04:03 AM (rev. 2 of 05-18-20 06:01 AM) Link | #1753
Hello. I have problems with wifi connection (Pokemon White & White 2). Trading works at first and I can do the process, but in the end the game freezes for a moment and then it displays communication error. Can somebody help me with this?

If I can't do anything, can I just send my save file and someone does the process?

Edit: I use local wifi because that is the only one working for me. I tried to connect to alternate wfc servers but I get error 52000.

Posted on 05-23-20 03:59 AM (rev. 2 of 05-23-20 04:06 AM) Link | #1772
I have the same problem. I use wired connection with USB Tethering. The connection is successful, but when I commence the trade, the games freezes instantly. Can anybody help?

Okay, I was able to commence but at some point the game just stays in one step and doesn't progress.

Main - General - Help with Pokemon Trading New reply

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