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Posted on 10-14-19 04:01 AM Link | #1304
Is it possible to do Local Wireless Multiplayer with MelonDS? If so, how would i do that? Would i require 2 MelonDS on the same pc or (what i want) can my friend use his Laptop With MelonDS and connect together?

Posted on 10-14-19 05:36 AM Link | #1305
Yes, you can connect by using 2 melonds' on the same pc or 2 melonds' on different PCs on LAN. You can also try using hamachi, but that method isn't reliable due to high latency between players apparently.

Posted on 10-14-19 07:32 AM Link | #1306
How would i allow these 2 MelonDS to connect? is there an option in config for "Wireless lan Connection" or something?

Posted on 10-14-19 03:53 PM (rev. 2 of 10-14-19 03:53 PM) Link | #1309
You have to run both instaces of the emulator on admin mode, then go to config → Wifi settings and then it should appear this:
here you select the network card that you'll use for the communication. Just remember to enable direct mode.

Posted on 10-14-19 04:26 PM Link | #1310
For local play you just need to enable "bind socket to any address" i think to have it work on the same PC.
You could connect using online multiplayer instead but your friend got a laptop and that uses wifi mostly (you need ethernet).

Posted on 10-15-19 02:45 AM (rev. 2 of 10-15-19 02:49 AM) Link | #1313
And how would my friend join my "Direct Mode" or my "bind socket to any adress"? I remember with the game Dragon Quest IX, You can connect to each other with local wireless thingy, and sinse in a previous comment hamachi was mentioned. i wanted to try it with hamachi but how would i do that? Just create a hamachi server, add him to it and then get each other to connect through the games connect method or?

Posted on 10-15-19 12:01 PM Link | #1314
You can try using hamachi, for that both of you will only need to select hamachi adapter(once its installed) on the melonds' wifi settings. Be warned that the latency will be probably high and it might not work because of that.

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Main - General - Local Wireless Multiplayer? New reply

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