Merry Christmas from the melonDS team!
We hope you're having a good time with your family, friends, etc. Either way, to make things better, we bring you a little Christmas release.

melonDS 0.9.1

There are several changes since melonDS 0.9.

First, you may notice that we removed the nonfunctional vsync option from the video settings dialog. Admittedly, that setting was functional in the 0.8 versions. However, with Qt and the new multi-context OpenGL rendering we do, implementing vsync will take a bit more effort, and we haven't figured it out yet.

However, Generic implemented a new framerate limiter, based on that of Citra. This should help a lot with frame pacing issues.

I removed the hardcoded debug hotkey which had been accidentally left into the 0.9 release (oops).

Speaking of which, we now have a proper fullscreen hotkey. People were trying to use F11 as a fullscreen hotkey before, which not only was not implemented, but was actually triggering the hardcoded debug hotkey, freezing melonDS for a while. Now you can actually use F11 (or any key of your liking) for fullscreen.

On the DSi side, it is now possible to run unlaunch'd NANDs in melonDS. It may not yet be possible to hack melonDS and install unlaunch on it, though. We also added preliminary camera support, for now it feeds a fixed stripe pattern, but atleast the bases are there so games do better than just crashing.

We also now have a Mac build, courtesy WaluigiWare64. Speaking of builds, these release builds are pulled straight from our Github CI instead of being compiled on my computer. Let us know if there are any issues with them.
You can easily install melonDS and it's dependencies on macOS by running:
brew --cask install melonds

On the subject of package managers, melonDS is now also available as a flatpak package on flatpak, providing a simple, unified way to install melonDS on all Linux systems. First, install and setup the flatpak package manager, then install melonDS by running this in a shell.
flatpak install flathub net.kuribo64.melonDS

And, as usual, we have a bunch of little fixes and tweaks, which you can discover in our changelog or in the Github commit list.


melonDS 0.9.1, Windows 64-bit
melonDS 0.9.1, Linux 64-bit
melonDS 0.9.1, Linux ARM64
melonDS 0.9.1, MacOS 64-bit

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poudink says:
Jan 1st 2021
This 0.9 should be much faster than 0.8 though. The framerate limiter was improved and the JIT brought a huge performance increase. I always just use audio sync with software renderer and JIT and I don't have any performance issues.
ari32 says:
Jan 2nd 2021
Hmmm, I believe you when you say it's better optimised, but melonds is light enough that my machine wouldn't notice the difference (since it's already full speed). The stuttering probably isn't performance related. But if no one else is noticing it, might just be a me problem.
In the other news, also introduced in 0.9 and up is that the emulator crashes on my laptop when I fold the screen down and open it back up again. Mainly after waking up from hibernation. It makes pausing a long game risky.
Generic aka RSDuck says:
Jan 2nd 2021
> Not to be a debbie downer, but is anyone else getting a performance regression? I feel like it stutters a bit more, and I felt the same when 9.0 came out.

With frame limiter enabled and audio sync disabled?

> Also, in Advance Wars DoR, the health on units doesn't display right. I believe it worked properly in the 0.8 versions

OpenGL renderer or software renderer

> In the other news, also introduced in 0.9 and up is that the emulator crashes on my laptop when I fold the screen down and open it back up again. Mainly after waking up from hibernation. It makes pausing a long game risky.

probably QT related, though otherwise I have no idea how this makes a difference.
Deltara says:
Jan 3rd 2021
OpenGL renderer seems to crash the emulator, at least for me.
ari32 says:
Jan 3rd 2021
Ah, frame limiter wasnt enabled. The numbers show up better now. I have audio sync enabled, so yeah that could be it. Thats all that taken care of, now just the QT crash.
Sergindgame says:
Jan 4th 2021
Hey nice work whit the emulator its very nice but when are you planing to launch in android?
Ian76 says:
Jan 9th 2021
hey everyone,

I currently use a Mac 11.1 and was hoping to get melonds set up. Im having trouble setting it up; im not very tech savy lol. Any chance anyone can help list out a step by step guide to having it set up on my mac?

Much appreciated, thanks
WaluigiWare64 says:
Jan 10th 2021
Ian76: Install the Homebrew Package Manager.
Go to their website and copy the text under "Install Homebrew". Paste that into the app called Terminal and click Enter. It may prompt you to enter your password.
Then in the Terminal write,
brew install qt@5 sdl2 libslirp

and click enter.
You should then be able to run melonDS.
Ask me if you need further info.
TheDon4299 says:
Jan 12th 2021
I'm in the DraStic-dev Discord server. Since they are planning to go open source and open a fork RetroArch, I asked if there was any chance the same could happen for melonDS. The devs said that if anything happens it's up to you guys... So any chance you could patch in those optimizations from DraStic into melonDS?
poudink says:
Jan 12th 2021
Well melonDS has always been open source and I believe it is available (albeit not officially) as a libretro core.
Generic aka RSDuck says:
Jan 13th 2021
> So any chance you could patch in those optimizations from DraStic into melonDS?

while it might work for a few things, generally this is not how those things work. Some optimisations have accuracy tradeoffs which we aren't willing to take.
TheDon4299 says:
Jan 13th 2021
Bit unfortunate to see an Android port out of the cards for now, but hoping you reconsider some time in the future! Beats juggling between two emulators all the time haha
Generic aka RSDuck says:
Jan 13th 2021
someone else did an android port which seems to be relatively feature complete (I never tried it, because I don't have an android phone). Though keep in mind that the author is not affiliated with us.
Anon says:
Jan 14th 2021
OpenGL is broken as Hell in 0.9.1. Most games that had no issues in 0.9 are now unplayable in 0.9.1.
Generic aka RSDuck says:
Jan 14th 2021
that's not really descriptive. Which games and in which way are they broken?
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