melonDS 0.6b
Revision 2e82a4f26ac99a1a93afdcb6bbfc4095d0933cc6

• fix screen option menu init
• add icon
• add resampler with small tolerance to prevent sound clicks/pops at fullspeed

* Windows 64-bit
* Linux 64-bit
melonDS 0.6
Revision e4f030149b07228a06c6e05a7f0b0e19399d4427

• don't fail completely if SDL haptic init fails (bentley)
• fail gracefully when ROM loading fails
• support Unicode filenames under Windows
• FPS counter is back (sorry!)
• allow Windows file picker to navigate through shortcuts (instead of trying to load the shortcut as a ROM)
• screen layout/sizing/scaling modes, screen gap, rotation
• toggle for screen linear filtering
• add support for 8bit GXSTAT accesses
• reset IE/IF properly
• fix sound capture/playback for things like surround

* Windows 64-bit
* Linux 64-bit
melonDS 0.5
Revision a15c39546054d8ee608ec1c12e9e14be43dda783

• new UI, more stable, less windows all over the place
• wxWidgets ditched, lost some weight
• 2D: allow reading BLDALPHA
• GPU: fix potential issues with VCount write
• implement 8bit accesses to some registers
• 2D: mosaic (not quite right for rotscaled sprites)
• 3D: fix culling
• allow 128KB firmwares from DSi/3DS
• 3D: more accurate fog
• 3D: more accurate polygon edges (but not perfect)
• 3D: antialiasing
• 3D: misc optimizations

* Windows 64-bit
* Linux 64-bit
melonDS 0.4
Revision 08bdef481f1685e596fc2e45597a4bfe60aae8aa

• implement access modes for certain IO registers that were unhandled
• actually implement RCNT instead of hardcoding it
• wifi: emulation of multiplayer cmd/reply/ack transfers
• wifi: more accurate RFSTATUS/RFPINS
• wifi: some games can go into multiplayer now (Pictochat, NSMB, Pokémon known working)
• improved savemem detect heuristic
• implement firmware write, fix SPI bugs
• accurate emulation of 'main memory display FIFO'
• 2D: fix render/capture order
• 2D: implement mode6 large BG
• 2D: fix bitmap BG sizes
• 2D: fix rotscaled bitmap sprites
• 3D: fix missing term in MatrixTranslate
• 3D: fix toon highlight mode
• 3D: fix boxtest bug
• 3D: accurate viewport transform
• 3D: polygon Y-sorting
• 3D: more accurate interpolation, still not perfect
• 3D: more accurate Z and W transforms, fix some cases of Z-fighting
• 3D: separate polygonID attributes for opaque and translucent pixels
• 3D: start documenting and implementing depth test edge cases
• emulate delays for SPI transfers and div/sqrt
• misc bugfixes/additions as usual

* Windows 64-bit
* Linux 64-bit
melonDS 0.3
Revision c2fa561e403c755291ce9d70d3fdb6644de2d34c

• set POSTFLG when booting games directly, fixes Pokémon games and likely others
• fix bug with cart DMA, booting a game from the firmware should be stable now
• better emulation of cart transfer delays
• better save type heuristics
• support for writing to VCount
• 2D: fix display capture blending modes
• 2D: implement X-flip for bitmap sprites (oops)
• 3D: fix mode3 (vertex) texcoord generation (Eledees no longer looks like your TV decoder broke)
• 3D: fix Z-buffering
• 3D: attempt at fixing culling, works better
• 3D: latch all rendering-related registers upon VBlank
• 3D: delay rendering start a bit, for games that run late
• 3D: optional threaded renderer
• 3D: change renderer to work per-scanline; accurate stencil buffer
• 3D: fix alpha calculation when alphablending is disabled via DISP3DCNT
• 3D: fog and edge marking
• wifi: more functionality emulated, attempt at sending/receiving data
• misc bugfixes and optimizations
• better framerate limiter

* Windows 64-bit
* Linux 64-bit
melonDS 0.2
Revision 3c270b65a0da343fee20db3b6029a8797f17e087

• preliminary sound
• various compatibility improvements and fixes
• various little speedups too
• cart transfer delays emulated
• RTC uses system time
• wifi stub -- games requiring wifi functionality shouldn't hang anymore
• 2D: windows
• 2D: various fixes to display capture
• 3D: toon/highlight shading, shadows, polygonID
• 3D: box test, pos test, vec test

* Windows 64-bit
* Linux 64-bit
melonDS 0.1
Revision 46ed4aeeb11b494e667edf83242580c141a3ea11

First release.

* Windows 64-bit
* Linux 64-bit