I got the surgery. I am alive and well. Thank y'all! :)
LilyWaLily says:
Jun 29th 2020
Glad to hear that! Wish you a speedy recovery.
Arisotura says:
Jun 30th 2020
Thanks folks!
BR-W9 says:
Jun 30th 2020
Glad to hear the surgery went well! Take care of yourself.
TEO says:
Jul 1st 2020
hope you well soon <3
GalacticPirate says:
Jul 1st 2020
I'm late to the party but wanted to say congrats :)
Captain Vania says:
Jul 2nd 2020
I am glad everything went well :D
AsPika2219 says:
Jul 2nd 2020
Take care.... Garnier! 😂 Anyway, stay away from coronavirus anywhere! 😉👍
OldLeaf says:
Jul 2nd 2020
Good luck.
Mike says:
Jul 3rd 2020
I'm glad you are fine :)
Waligie says:
Jul 3rd 2020
How are you felling rn after the surgery?
Charles says:
Jul 6th 2020
So did ya Minecraft yourself yet?
Jean-Claude says:
Jul 7th 2020
Ahh, yes. The deafening silence of post-op regret.
Zypher says:
Jul 7th 2020
What kind of operation did he do?
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