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Posted on 05-02-20 05:14 PM, in Pokemon Black Save Freeze Link | #1690
I'm having an issue with Pokemon Black where sometimes when I try to save, the game (but not music) freezes after saying yes to saving. I have a save state from before it happened, and it happens consistently when loading the state. I should note it also displays the date and time as ?4/0/20?0 4:?2

Posted on 05-02-20 05:51 PM, in Pokemon Black Save Freeze Link | #1692
I save stated a few times to catch a Pokemon (not in this session), and once before the latest freeze in hopes if it froze, I could load it and try again, although that doesn't seem to be working. I believe my ROM is anti piracy patched, but if there's a way I can check I can do that.

Posted on 05-02-20 06:18 PM, in Pokemon Black Save Freeze Link | #1694
The ROM I'm using has a different MD5 from a No-Intro. Loading the pre save state from the patched ROM produces the same result.

Main - Posts by ComradeKirby

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