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Posted on 12-06-18 08:42 PM, in Not founding the bios files (rev. 2 of 12-06-18 10:39 PM by Arisotura) Link | #780
Hi, I'm trying to run the Linux version of the emulator but I got a bios error even with the files in the same directory. What am I doing wrong? Here's the directory screenshot:

Posted on 12-06-18 10:35 PM, in Not founding the bios files Link | #784
I'm sorry about the image, I know about the image tag, but it gets too big and I did not find a way to set a resolution (hight/width arg seems not to work in the preview). Also, I've noticed that I mix up the words in the title and wrote "founding" instead of "finding". 😑

Anyway, is out there some way to manually set the directory or maybe track what directory is it trying to access? Maybe someway to debug it? The executable seems to not have any argument in the terminal and all the "debug" info it gives me is the melon version and website (that's how I get there).

Posted on 12-07-18 02:46 PM, in Not founding the bios files Link | #793
Posted by StapleButter
try opening a terminal, cd'ing your way to the melonDS directory, then running it from that, and see how that goes?

I've tried just opening it from the terminal before and it did the same, however, I did what you suggested (cd to the path and then opening it) and it works.

Posted by shibboleet
Or you can just compile it yourself and insert a debug here to see where it's trying to access.

I did that and find out that the emulator was trying to access the files from my home folder (/home/$USER/) for some reason.

Posted by StapleButter
I don't know whether the OP is willing to delve into source code, so for now let's this simple

I personally don't mind to. I know nothing about emulation, but of course, I can make simple modification and compile it.

That's said, I dunno if it's a bug related to my system (using Deepin 15.8, Debian based) or to the melon. If I just double-click it, it will try to access my home folder, if I try to open it from the terminal, it will try to access the directory the terminal is in (and not the executable).

The only two ways I found to get it to work is cd to the directory melon is in and open it, or put the bios files in my home folder and simply double-click melon wherever it is.

Thank you for the help.

Main - Posts by Player01

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