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Posted on 06-02-19 07:03 PM Link | #1073
Is there any infrared abilities within the emulator? If so, that means I can play with others who also do infrared play.

Posted on 06-02-19 10:05 PM Link | #1074
You probably talking about Pokémon BW/BW2? The emulator doesn't support that at the moment(and probably never will, since it's a unneeded functionality). You can play with other copies(Using a real DS or a emulator) using the emulator's wi-fi capability tho.

Posted on 06-03-19 10:02 PM Link | #1077
hm, I'm not sure about "never will". I remember arisotura was considering implementing emulation for the keyboard accessory for pokemon typing adventures. it doesn't seem unlikely she will dable into other obscure features or accessories.

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Main - Development - Question - Is there infrared capabilities? New reply

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