Progress on the DSi front
The other front would be, you know, getting 0.8.3 good for a release. Which means, fixing the goddamn audio output system. Have been rather unsuccessful at that task for now.

So instead, I did what I typically do in these situations: procrastinate and work on something else.

In this case, the DSi front.

If you remember, this was at a point where it needed wifi initialization to be able to launch titles. I was stuck at a particular point of the init procedure, where it waited for something and I had trouble figuring out what. But, regardless, I set to work.

In the meantime, googling some of the strings present in the firmware's wifi code brought me to this Atheros driver codebase which is very close to what the firmware uses. This helped me a lot in figuring out how things work and what the firmware was expecting.

And, well...

melonDSi config melonDSi flipnote

It's possible to boot shit from the firmware now!

Couple issues with this though.

* the system settings app boots, but it's impossible to get further due to the lack of touchscreen support
* Flipnote boots but freezes when starting a new flipnote
* pure DS-mode games seem to be bootable, DSi-enhanced games are not

Also, some DS-mode games suffer from audio issues for whatever reason. Well, it's worth noting that atm melonDSi does not support dynamic ARM9 clock adjustment, so DS games are basically running in forced DSi mode.

Well, we're getting there, I guess.
Arisotura says:
Aug 21st 2019
that and melonDSi is in a state where it's still rough around the edges, checks for DS BIOS files but not for DSi files, etc
Guest says:
Aug 22nd 2019
That certainly makes sense.
I guess I'll either have to wait until someone releases a complete DSi dump, or the relevant files to be reverse engineered, before I can test out MelonDSi.
In any case, great work Arisotura.
Guy says:
Sep 5th 2019
This and no$gba are our only hopes for dsi emulation :)
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