Progress on the DSi front
The other front would be, you know, getting 0.8.3 good for a release. Which means, fixing the goddamn audio output system. Have been rather unsuccessful at that task for now.

So instead, I did what I typically do in these situations: procrastinate and work on something else.

In this case, the DSi front.

If you remember, this was at a point where it needed wifi initialization to be able to launch titles. I was stuck at a particular point of the init procedure, where it waited for something and I had trouble figuring out what. But, regardless, I set to work.

In the meantime, googling some of the strings present in the firmware's wifi code brought me to this Atheros driver codebase which is very close to what the firmware uses. This helped me a lot in figuring out how things work and what the firmware was expecting.

And, well...

melonDSi config melonDSi flipnote

It's possible to boot shit from the firmware now!

Couple issues with this though.

* the system settings app boots, but it's impossible to get further due to the lack of touchscreen support
* Flipnote boots but freezes when starting a new flipnote
* pure DS-mode games seem to be bootable, DSi-enhanced games are not

Also, some DS-mode games suffer from audio issues for whatever reason. Well, it's worth noting that atm melonDSi does not support dynamic ARM9 clock adjustment, so DS games are basically running in forced DSi mode.

Well, we're getting there, I guess.
DontReallyCareAboutD says:
Aug 4th 2019
I don't really care about DSI and probably never use it but thanks.
Coldy Froste says:
Aug 4th 2019
Even if some people don't care about DSI, your work is still appreciated by those that understand just how hard and tedious what you're doing is.
And it's great to see that you're making progress in general!
MelonMan says:
Aug 4th 2019
Nice to see progress with MelonDSi! The only other emulator that can run the DSi menu is No$GBA, as far as I'm aware.
AsPika2219 says:
Aug 4th 2019
Nice progress! Keep moving forward!
HoLLy says:
Aug 4th 2019
Looking sweet, keep it up :)
Zinx says:
Aug 4th 2019
Now that MelonDS gonna support DSi stuff maybe it can support overclocking/downclocking the emulated DS CPU?
So you could get more performance or FPS for certain games.
A dragon says:
Aug 5th 2019
Maybe just offer a pure DS build along side the DSi build to keep them separated if you can't have an on/off switch for the DSi mode option.
poudink says:
Aug 5th 2019
he can have an on/off switch. he just hasn't implemented it yet.
Arisotura says:
Aug 5th 2019
extherian says:
Aug 5th 2019
Come on everyone, it's not that hard to respect Arisotura's preferred pronouns. Awesome news, by the way. The DSi is quite fascinating, as it's basically the 3DS before the 3DS was even around. Interesting to see how Nintendo developed this concept over time.
A dragon says:
Aug 5th 2019
There's something I remembered about the DSi. While the DS wasn't region locked, the DSi was. I think this also meant DSi enhanced games. I hope this helps, but anyway, I'd rather stick to just plain old DS mode for any DSi enhanced games that I've since I never had a DSi.
bajol says:
Aug 5th 2019
@extherian I dont think it is a matter of respect, not everyone has to know arisotura's gender.
but anyway, Im also not that much into DSi stuff but as long as that helps her avoiding burnout from working on melonds, I'm good with it
Arisotura says:
Aug 5th 2019
A dragon: o that might explain why some of my ROMs don't boot :P I forgot about that detail, might want to come up with some way around it.

bajol: if you don't know someone's gender, you can use gender-neutral pronouns (they/them/their), it's better than the old 'masculine by default' rule, and I'm also fine with they/them
poudink says:
Aug 6th 2019
sorry, I just forgot you changed genders.
Mechanica says:
Aug 6th 2019
So, i was downloading melonDS and when i opened it, Suddently Windows told me: Which app would you like to open with?
i Clicked on Notepad and.. GLITCHES HAPPENED. wasen't scary after all.
but in Internet Explorer (plz dont judge me)
it WONT LET ME open melonDS. so i clicked and clicked again, but nothing happened so my proccesor was a Intel core i5 vPro even tho it's still old-like. (its from 2014)
how do i even fix this problem!?
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