the heat


Let's just say it's a bit hard to be productive when your outside temperature is a scorching, capitalism-induced 43°C.

It's back to more reasonable temperatures now, but regardless, we don't do much besides bathing at the beach or at the nearby river.

I kind of need to take a break at this point though. Like, there are many things I want to do with melonDS, but I have too much ideas, and there's only so much I can do at once.

I will need to release a quick-fix 0.8.3 though. Atleast to fix the bug I introduced when adding support for 'Ctrl+M' type keys'. Basically you can't press any key while keeping R pressed if you keep the default mapping (right Shift).

I also want to try and fix the framerate limiter, which, askskfdksgsf.

On the DSi side, there will be some alpha builds of melonDSi once I finish the DSi dumper. Right now, the dumper is able to extract AES keys from the AES engine. The rest will be a breeze: dumping the BIOSes, the memory holding RSA/Blowfish keys, the NAND, the eMMC CID and console ID. It's mostly just matter of copying memory to a file, except the NAND is going to be a bit more involved, but nothing insurmontable.

I gave melonDSi a small pause, because I got stuck on AES-CCM (needs hardware tests) and also didn't want to let the master branch rot. Right now, it's not in a very interesting state -- all it does is boot the DSi menu, but it's still not getting further. And also because I keep fixating on the lack of full DSi bootroms. I'm even considering getting in touch with someone who is doing the hardware haxing required to dump them, or attempting to do it myself.

melonDSi will eventually be merged into regular melonDS when it's ready. You can think of it like medusa vs mgba.

I'm also trying to optimize melonDS. I have several targets in mind, but we'll see. The plan is to get it to run on less powerful platforms, like the Switch, or Android.

Speaking of this, user RSDuck is working on a JIT. The first iteration will be for x64, but he said it will be easy to port it to other architectures. If we can get this going without sacrificing too much accuracy, it will be a great help on the performance front.
Comlud says:
Jul 6th 2019
You're the best! Enjoy the heat!
Arisotura says:
Jul 7th 2019
>'dude' is no longer a gendered term

PokemonPleb says:
Jul 12th 2019
I don't care about DSi I just care about DS for Pokémon.
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