melonDS 0.8.2
melonDS 0.8.2 is out! This is not so revolutionary, but we're fixing a few issues.

Namely, there have been some fixes to the OpenGL renderer. If you were one of those for whom it did not work, we hope that now it will work. There are still issues with it, but we will eventually find them and fix them all.

I also undid a quick hack I did in 0.8.1 to try fixing texture alignment problems, that in the end caused more issues than it fixed. This problem will need a cleverer solution. It basically stems from the fact that the DS rasterizer works differently from OpenGL: it has no subpixel precision, and calculates color/texcoord for exact pixel positions, where OpenGL calculates them for a position that is +(0.5,0.5) inside the pixel.

I also hope to improve the GL renderer some more. In mind are: texture cache, texture upscaling/filtering, applying filtering to the 2D layer, doing something for dual-screen 3D...

We fixed a bug with the 'map joystick button and axis' feature of 0.8.1, where, if you mapped an axis control alone, it would also map 'button 1' alongside it.

melonDS now explicitly disables VSync when using OpenGL, atleast under Windows.

We also fixed a bunch of issues, potential crashes, etc...

... and changed kMaxIterationCycles from 16 to 64. That constant controls how many maximum cycles the ARM9 can run before control is given to the ARM7 and other system components. This change might affect accuracy negatively (it is worth noting that melonDS has several provisions for on-demand sync, bypassing kMaxIterationCycles) but has been found to give a small speed boost.

We're also using Github releases now. I'll add the builds to the Github page (and to the downloads page on this site) soon :)


melonDS 0.8.2, Windows 64-bit
melonDS 0.8.2, Linux 64-bit

If you're feeling generous, if you want to help us take this OpenGL renderer further: here's our Patreon
MelonMan says:
Jun 25th 2019
can you run the DSi home menu?
Arisotura says:
Jun 25th 2019
not yet
Connor says:
Jun 26th 2019
One small request, would it be possible to implement a setting to remember the window position? When I opened melonDS, it kept going out of bounds.
Skylark says:
Jun 26th 2019
I'm glad to see that it's now available on GitHub, keep up the good work! :)
Elco says:
Jun 26th 2019
Please add fullscreen now ✌️
Thanks devs
. says:
Jun 27th 2019
Is OpenGl 3.1 compatible in current version?
miticludus says:
Jun 27th 2019
good work man! this nintendo DS emulator REALLY work <3
h says:
Jun 27th 2019
OGL is still broken for me
A dragon says:
Jun 28th 2019
That fixed the Animal Boxing font issue.
DSi XL Owner says:
Jun 28th 2019
The 8x internal resolution is impressive and runs quite fast, but 3D games still suffer from massive aliasing shimmer due to the lack of anti-aliasing. AA would greatly improve visual clarity and fast machines shouldn't have any trouble running 8x + AA.

Are there plans to address this in the future?
RinkuSonic41 says:
Jun 28th 2019
Still a bit of glitches and framedrops, but at least it renders, and not shows a black screen. For me is a great improvement
Mancus Nemo says:
Jun 29th 2019
The Control Bugs are currently there. So I have to move back to 0.8.0

When I speed up in Mario Kart it drives to left. So I cant play. So i have to go back to 0.8.0 and there it works again.
MelonMan says:
Jun 30th 2019
OpenGL doesn't work. I am using an nvidia nvs 3100m with the latest drivers.
OpenGL: glBindImageTexture not found
OpenGL: initialization failed
Zemeon12 says:
Jul 3rd 2019
The control bug should definitely be fixed. Speeding up in Mario Kart works as intended as of 1.8.2. I am actually the one who reported the issue on github and that was the first thing I tested when the fix came out. If you haven't tried rebinding all of your controls by clearing them first with backspace, do so, test a second controller, and redownload 1.8.2. If you still encounter the bug, open an issue on github.
ari says:
Jul 20th 2019
I'm amazed you got this up and running so fast, almost by yourself! It's amazing!
Still, just reporting that neither openGL or hardware works very well for upscaling 2D sprites. Without anti aliasing it's very hard to look at. Is that something you plan on working on in the future?
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