melonDS 0.8.1
melonDS 0.8.1 is out, and that fixes some of the issues that were discovered in 0.8 (mostly stupid oversights, heh), but also adds a few other features and fixes. Let's see.

Edit- If fast forward doesn't work for you, it means one of two things: you're using OpenGL and your video driver is forcing vsync, or melonDS is just not running fast enough for fast-forward.

Input upgrade

The input code has been reworked to be more pleasant to deal with, especially with regards to adding hotkeys. In less nerdy terms, what does this mean?

It is now possible to map keys with modifiers, like Ctrl+Z or Shift+R or even combinations like Ctrl+Alt+Q. It is worth noting that during mapping, you should use left-hand Ctrl/Alt/Shift keys for these mappings. However, ingame, both sets of keys should work. This feature may not be too useful for DS input, but it should be more handy for hotkeys. It is also possible to delete a key mapping by pressing the Backspace key during the mapping process.

I have also been upgrading joystick support. You can now choose which joystick to use, and can map axes to buttons/hotkeys.

The twist to this is that I liked the old "axis maps to DS dpad" feature, and how it could be used alongside regular button/hat controls. I didn't want to lose the ability to use both, but I also wanted to make it, well, not a hardcoded mapping. So instead, you can map both a button/hat direction and an axis to each control. When mapping a joystick control, pressing a button/hat direction keeps the axis mapping intact, and vice-versa. You can delete both mappings by pressing Backspace during the mapping process.

The aforementioned axis support should also be able to support analog triggers, which are typically exposed as axis controls.

I also added support for multiple hat controls.


This new, optional feature shows some short, temporary status messages onscreen. For example, when loading or saving savestates, pausing, resuming...

The idea is to give some visual feedback about these operations, rather than, say, have savestate loads just appear to do nothing because the slot is empty.

You can disable the OSD if you find it to get in the way.

New hotkeys

You might remember that some early melonDS versions had a secret hardcoded fast-forward hotkey. This seems to have appeared in version 0.3, but eventually disappeared with the UI revamp in version 0.5.

Well, now, with Ace4896's contribution, this feature is back with a proper hotkey mapping. There is also a 'toggle' hotkey that enables or disables the framerate limiter.

I also added hotkeys for pausing and resetting emulation.

OpenGL fixes

Several of the crashes and rendering errors that appeared in 0.8, stemming from the new OpenGL support, have been fixed in this version.

I also added a little hack to support line triangles in OpenGL, and a preliminary implementation of edge marking, which you can see demonstrated in one of the screenshots above.

There's also a bunch of little fixes and optimizations, as usual. Enjoy!

melonDS 0.8.1, Windows 64-bit
melonDS 0.8.1, Linux 64-bit

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Copri says:
Jun 16th 2019
In this new version there seems to be problems with Etrian Odysseys HUD's graphics using the OpenGL. It isn't like it was perfect in the 0.8 version, but it was minimal. Now the HUD is even worse than Desmune! There you have screenshots of the OpenGL renderer in both version running at 1x resolution. In the start menu, if you have more than 1x resolution (however, if you put the resolution in 8x, it looks less obvious), everything starts to shake (This didn't happen in 0.8).
AsPika2219 says:
Jun 17th 2019
For DSi games, it takes longer years just after No$gba full support DSi games are working perfectly. So, for next job was AR codes, Codebreaker, Debugger etc...
Mancus Nemo says:
Jun 17th 2019
In my case 8.1 control dont work. In 0.8.1 in Mario Kart Mario drives to left when i give speed. Whats wrong? In 0.8 works all fine. So I have to go back to 0.8 and all is good again.
Arisotura says:
Jun 19th 2019
Mancus Nemo: can you post a screenshot of the input config dialog under 0.8.1?
Dobby says:
Jun 19th 2019
Really like the input upgrade since I can now use the triggers on my controller, but sadly its a bit broken. To be more specific the B button is broken, and registers has multiple inputs when pressed. When pressed it registers the B button and a D-pad direction (the direction depends on the game from what I've seen). When removing the input config for the B button it still registered D-pad inputs, but when removing all the input configs for the D-pad it seems to fix the problem (altho I can't play the game). Anyways when writing this I realized its even more broken in Mario Kart DS but I'm too lazy to rewrite everything, anyways when pressing the B button in MkDS it registers has the left D-pad, the R Trigger and the X button at the same time.
Johnny says:
Jun 21st 2019
When Android builds???
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