Hotfix release
If you downloaded melonDS 0.8 before this post, please redownload it, we just pushed a hotfix release.

This should fix broken 3D rendering with OpenGL, namely for AMD/Intel GPU users.

Seems hotfix releases are a common theme with melonDS :P
Nick says:
Jun 4th 2019
Ditto on the transparent stuff. The scan visor in metroid prime hunters doesn't look correct with hardware rendering. If it somehow can't be fixed it might be a good idea to just remove it or show it as a solid color instead
Guest says:
Jun 4th 2019
This is pretty interesting, there are black lines (both horizontal and vertical, random lengths) that randomly appear on Pokémon Diamond, with the OpenGL renderer, but do not with the software renderer.
The funny thing though, they only appear at x1 internal resolution, but anything above, there are no issues issues whatsoever (there might be a small performance hit at the higher resolutions, however that is to be expected, this is Intel integrated graphics after all).
Atom-Fire says:
Jun 7th 2019
Heyo, Love this emulator!
I was wondering if there were any development plans of added the ability for the Emu to connect via wireless (instead of just Ethernet), I understand that this is a giant task but i'm really hoping it's something that's being looked into.

Any information about this would be great! Thanks.
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