Hotfix release
If you downloaded melonDS 0.8 before this post, please redownload it, we just pushed a hotfix release.

This should fix broken 3D rendering with OpenGL, namely for AMD/Intel GPU users.

Seems hotfix releases are a common theme with melonDS :P
Niklink says:
Jun 1st 2019
This didn't fix things, unfortunately. The general theme I'm seeing now is that instead of rendering 3D as a solid color it's just not rendering. This also goes for things like certain layers of stuff like 2D menus.
BenjaMV99 says:
Jun 1st 2019
hello, for my part I have not only had small problems of redimiento (Ryzen 5 2500U) but I guess it is for the emulator, I appreciate that they have implemented the render in hd esperon that can be improved as much as possible, also that if it is possible to add a upscaling of textures such as xbrz or others (sorry for the English use the google translator)
poudink says:
Jun 1st 2019
it seems to have fixed everything on my end.
Zinx says:
Jun 1st 2019
This is running pretty well even on AMD GPU's on Windows.
I can run this up to x4 and maybe sometimes x5 with no slowdowns.
and i have a crappy laptop gpu.
SGC says:
Jun 1st 2019
Open GL isn't rendering any 3D assets, 2D assets work fine, though on my end. I'm on a laptop running Windows 10 with an AMD A10-8700P Radeon R6.
Allen says:
Jun 1st 2019
It appears to run mostly fine on an Intel i7-6500u (Intel HD 520 graphics), only issue I noticed is the choppy audio.
A dragon says:
Jun 1st 2019
I'm still a little bummed that the ability to assign a virtual stylus to the controller similar to a mouse wasn't implemented in this version. Oh well, maybe next time.
bajol says:
Jun 1st 2019
High resolution is not applying in golden sun dd's battles, there were also some glitches but that something im sure they will be fixed with time.
also it would be cool if we could change the small screen's size, no point in having it at 1x size when theres place for it to grow to.

other than that its great, sand of destruction was a game that was really taxing for desmume, and with melonds I can have it at 8xIR no sweat, and it looks gorgeous.

cant wait to xbr the hell out of textures
Sidney says:
Jun 2nd 2019
In Linux melosDS 0.8 now checks the current directory for bios7.bin and bios9.bin rather than the directory melonDS is located. Version 0.74 always checked the directory containing melonDS for these files. A minor regression.
Had to write this 15 second script

cd ~/melonDS

Sidney says:
Jun 2nd 2019
Version 0.8 also only checks the current directory only for melonDS.ini and presumably all other configuration files. Again version 0.74 checked the directory melonDS is located in.
Testing says:
Jun 2nd 2019
Hi there.
I really appreciate your work on this project. I'd like to say that it works very well in my testing machine or I would say Virtual Machine running on Windows 10.

I copied my previous save files from Linux and just pick it up.

BTW this is the VM when melonDS is running

The Man says:
Jun 2nd 2019
Hey, I haven't had any issues with this version or high resolution rendering, but I want to make a few feature requests before I forget again like with the last few versions.

-The ability to choose which folders save files/states are stored in (less clutter in rom folders).
-A screenshot feature would be nice (let us choose which folder they get saved to as well).

This emulator's come a long way, so keep up the good work!
Testing says:
Jun 3rd 2019
Again, is me.
Now I'm testing this emulator on my Archlinux. I drop here a link for you.
Tsu says:
Jun 3rd 2019
I tried Mario Kart ds and Love Plus on Archlinux.
The resolution scaling does not work in Love Plus and transparent textbox
Tsu says:
Jun 3rd 2019
*And the textbook's transparency does not work correctly with 3d models
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