RedShellSniper says:
May 27th 2019
Whaa? It just crashed in magenta.
Arisotura says:
May 27th 2019
nah, on the contrary

we're getting OpenGL to display something, finally
poudink says:
May 27th 2019
is magenta the default color or something? been seeing that specific shade a lot.
Arisotura says:
May 28th 2019
I had just added a glClearColor(1,0,1,1) and glClear() to see if OpenGL was working and rendering to my window :P

and, it is, but there's an issue with hiDPI scaling, and overall it's not quite stable

but atleast it's progress, from the GtkGLArea that did nothing but shit itself
!FlippedBit says:
May 28th 2019
Delicious! Finally some good f*cking OpenGL. :v
Arisotura says:
May 28th 2019
we already had some a while ago

just not under Linux, because things are different there, esp. as soon as you try to make it coexist with GTK

mostly because GtkGLArea is incompatible with the way melonDS does its rendering
Jinkson says:
May 30th 2019
I hope you find a way forward! Ubuntu and GNOME in general kind of have a hegemony over the Linux ecosystem, so I'm sure there are plenty of people who will appreciate not having to pull in KDE/Qt dependencies just to run melonDS.

The KDE people will be frumpy, but no one cares about them anyway.
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