OpenGL renderer: requirements and details
OpenGL rendering in melonDS will require OpenGL 3.1 as a minimum.

I think that given the reports I got in this thread, this puts us at a sweet spot. Certain features (like accurate shadow support) may require higher OpenGL versions, but the 3.1 baseline allows us to support a large part of user platforms/setups, including Macs.

Technically, OpenGL 3.1 is the lowest we can go with the current renderer setup. Any lower would require partially rewriting it to get around the limitations.

There is also more chance of eventually porting this to OpenGL ES, which might open the way for Android or PSVita ports that don't run at crapoed-snail speeds.

I'm sorry for the toaster-rocking folks out there who are stuck on lower OpenGL versions. We are still keeping the software renderer and the old Direct2D-based window drawing code, so you aren't completely left out. Besides, there are still other emulators (DeSmuME, NO$GBA) supporting older OpenGL versions.


We will be using OpenGL to draw the DS framebuffer to the window. This mode will be an option when using the software renderer, and forcibly enabled when using the OpenGL renderer (they work faster together).

This may eventually allow for features like fancypants postprocessing shaders. Not for melonDS 0.8, but eventually, later on.

Upscaling will also be restricted to the OpenGL renderer. It makes little sense with the software renderer as that one cannot do upscaling, and the performance would likely be subpar if it tried.
Wifall says:
May 17th 2019
That's great news, lower requiremnt OpenGL gives great port options, one thing that I think you could do is making a "switch" for the OpenGL render(like some emulators have) for the user to balance performance/compatibility/accuracy.
One more thing you can work on once the OpenGL renderer is done and polished enough, is making a Direct X renderer(since no DS emulator have this renderer). But, of course, not taking any priority from most important things you're already working on(like DS timings, ni-fi comm, etc.)
poudink says:
May 17th 2019
well, he already said it's optional, so there's obviously a switch.
branchus says:
May 18th 2019
Yes, I agree with Wifall, I would like to have higher OpenGL requirements say 4.5 and also have higher performance than OpenGL 3.1

anyway, i'm very happy to have a hardware render, Thank you!
MysticExile says:
May 18th 2019
Wow! Good work on the OpenGL renderer. Don't let people who oppose your ideas get to you. It's your project after all.
guest says:
May 18th 2019
There's no need to feel sorry for people with toasters. On Nvidia for example, OpenGL 3.1 is supported all the way back to the GeForce 8 series from freaking 2006. People need to get with the times and not whine when their museum-level relics can't run something.
Wifall says:
May 18th 2019
I shall disagree with the comment above. Decrease the OpenGL requirements isn't only for more people to be able to use it on their "toasters", but also for porting purposes like stated above.
PeeJay Bonobo says:
May 18th 2019
That's like one of the main reasons I was praising melonDS, that it actually ran decently on 2010 laptops like the Dell Inspiron N5010. Of course, I now have a custom rig, so I would have even less problems with melonDS, but yeah.
jhon says:
May 19th 2019
muito pica aguardo atualizaƧƵes ops sorry i am brazilian uh...good job!waiting updates
jhon says:
May 19th 2019
pls!add import backub memory like desmune!!
Efra says:
May 19th 2019
DS emulation really needs postprocessing shaders and high resolutions, thank you for the effort to bring us a great emulator.
poudink says:
May 20th 2019
DS emulators have had high resolutions for quite a long time actually.
Ammako says:
May 21st 2019
Ay, I like the new look of the site. Even if it's just a change of colors. :p
That guy says:
May 24th 2019
I hope the Android port this guy is making will get updated soon after all your recent work, or someone else updates it or makes a different app :(

MelonMan says:
May 24th 2019
MelonDS is finally getting upscaling!
SIGMA says:
May 27th 2019
Now I regret getting an AMD GPU since their OpenGL support is quite bad.
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