melonDS 0.7.4
Arisotura finally stopped being lazy, among other things, so here we go, we present you melonDS 0.7.4.

This release is hardly going to be revolutionary though, but I had to get it out before starting work on the hardware renderer.

The highlight of this release is the upgrade to the online wifi feature. Two main points there:

1. Under direct mode, you can finally choose which network adapter will be used by libpcap. The wifi settings dialog also shows their MAC and IP as to help you ensure you're picking the right adapter.

2. Indirect mode, which, as mentioned before, works without libpcap and on any connection. However, it's in alpha stages and it's a gross hack in general, so you can feel free to try it out, but don't expect miracles.

As usual, direct mode requires libpcap and an ethernet connection, and that you run melonDS with admin/superuser privileges.

Other than that, there are a few little fixes to the SDL audio code. melonDS now only emits sound when running something, so it shouldn't emit obnoxious noises when starting anymore. Also, it no longer crashes if you use WAV microphone input with a file that has multiple channels.

And other little things.

Now, full steam ahead towards 0.8! Or not quite. I also need to finish the redesign for this site, among other things.


melonDS 0.7.4, Windows 64-bit
melonDS 0.7.4, Linux 64-bit

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A dragon says:
Mar 26th 2019
Other than the fact that it pretty minimalist, I don't see anything wrong with the site. In fact, I'd suggest keeping it minimalist to avoid tempting fate when it comes to Nintendo.
Comlud says:
Mar 26th 2019
I agree with A dragon.

Nice work!
Welp says:
Mar 26th 2019
The new version doesn't seem to appear in the Downloads section.
Arisotura says:
Mar 26th 2019
The site might use a bit more fluff to better promote melonDS, like a small blurb on the homepage about what it is and why it's awesome. You can check the lolSNES site for an example.

Also, yeah, I haven't touched the downloads page yet. Alas, FileZilla decided to give me the finger, so I had to upload shit via scp, which is annoying.
Gippy says:
Mar 26th 2019
Indirect mode doesn't work for me. I've set DNS in the wi-fi settings to (the server), but get error 52200. Direct mode still works.
Zinx says:
Mar 26th 2019
In NPCAP installation options there is an option for "Support raw 802.11 traffic (and monitor mode) for wireless adapters".
I wonder if this can be used for wireless adapters to work on direct mode somehow.
Arisotura says:
Mar 26th 2019
Monitor mode only works on specific wifi adapters. Also, getting direct mode to work over wifi connections would be too much of a hassle. It's probably easier to use one of these tricks I heard of, that simulate a ethernet adapter and route traffic to the wifi, or whatever it was.
That guy says:
Mar 26th 2019
Android port please!
Online features with cellphones would be so dope
Amnesia says:
Mar 26th 2019
Great, thanks for the god work
Duderator says:
Mar 27th 2019
Been keeping tabs on your work for a couple years, I'm so impressed with how far its come! It would be a dream someday if melonds was able to connect to dolphin via something like joybus like how the gba connects to dolphin but thats probably quite a far way off. Thanks again for all your hard work!
Gippy says:
Mar 27th 2019
OK. I got indirect mode to work with a patched copy of Mario Kart DS on wiimmfi (as shown in the video). However, the wiimmfi servers do not support Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, which is the game I'm most interested in. Is it possible for you to look further into indirect mode so that it supports the altwfc and servers? It would be much appreciated.
Guest says:
Mar 28th 2019
Am I glad that melonDS finally compiles on Solus without any modifications to the build configs.
As to "Ethernet" over WiFi, perhaps you can take a look at what VirtualBox and QEMU use to get that running.
SGC says:
Mar 29th 2019
Will you be implementing a screen capture function like the one in Desmume in the future?
It would be nice to have for those who want to show their work, with the accuracies of Melon DS.
poudink says:
Mar 29th 2019
you can just use obs or something. desmume's screen capture is slow.
Spikestuff says:
Mar 30th 2019
An AVIDumper would be nice down the line for something that can truly compete to desmume in a certain TASing field.

After all. DeSmuME requires you to have a movie file before using theirs (since it's better to go that route instead of dump and play).
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