Getting somewhere, finally

Finally, ClIRC is cooperating!

This took a bit of hackery to get around the limitations we face when working with plain old BSD sockets. Namely, how we're handling TCP acks for now.

Regardless, it's finally working without exploding! Well, I don't know about things like altWFC. But ClIRC is working about as well as when using direct mode.

We'll be polishing this and testing it with things like altWFC. You can expect a release real soon.

(also, a side effect of using sockets is that closing melonDS terminates connections correctly, which is nice for testing)
TheGameratorT says:
Mar 10th 2019
Great job!
Looking forward to see NSMB Mario Vs Luigi working at distance.
poudink says:
Mar 10th 2019
as far as I know, this is just online multiplayer. MvsL is local multiplayer.
Sorer says:
Mar 10th 2019
Soon the WEP limitation that the console imposes will be gone for good.
Comlud says:
Mar 11th 2019
Is it possible to treat local multiplayer like online multiplayer? If that day comes, I'll dance naked.
Amazing work!
A dragon says:
Mar 13th 2019
Glad to hear you're making progress.
AsPika2219 says:
Mar 13th 2019
Keep moving forward! :D Waiting for working trading Pokemon between version.
Jinkson says:
Mar 14th 2019
Comlud, imagine playing Dragon Quest IX as intended...
Creskid says:
Mar 14th 2019
Sweet, Dragon Quest IX with my friends is almost achievable! TY for all the hard work!
Sorer says:
Mar 14th 2019
The online features of DQIX are very limited lol.
You mean local multi-player which is something else.
Creskid says:
Mar 14th 2019
Just realized I misunderstood what this was. Thought it was about local multiplayer.... my bad. Still new to the terms and all.
C437 says:
Mar 15th 2019
I sure can't wait
for zero point eight!
MelonMan says:
Mar 17th 2019
Will 0.7.4 or 0.8 be next?
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