melonDS dev blog
I will use this blog to post about the development of melonDS, my DS emulator project. I expect it to be lots of fun.
Arisotura says:
Jan 16th 2017
Yup, gotta be fun.
PancakeMan says:
Jan 16th 2017
Lots of fun.
Asbel_Lhant says:
Aug 29th 2018
Keep up the good work. Hope it becomes better than both Desmume and No$gba. I also hope this gets ported to PS Vita. So much potential.
<Umbreon> says:
Jun 9th 2020
I like how this post was in 2016 but the copyright is 2017-2020

- <Umbreon>
Arisotura says:
Jun 10th 2020
the post was actually from another blog that was repurposed to build this blog. it's complicated.
poudink says:
Feb 3rd 2021
The copyright for Kuriblog itself is probably much older considering it was part of the original iteration of Kuribo64 in 2011.
Arisotura says:
Feb 4th 2021
'Kuriblog' is the software base, it's seen several incarnations for several purposes. like how the one in service here is tailored towards this particular site.
Lslslsl says:
May 16th 2024
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