Change in plans
Indirect mode was already down to a level where it was dissecting TCP/UDP headers and keeping track of TCP sockets and all.

So I figured I would just rewrite it to use regular sockets instead of libpcap. There will be a lot less issues getting things to work this way, and this has the significant advantage that it doesn't require libpcap, and likely can work without requiring admin privileges.

The downside is that we have less control this way, as all the low-level TCP/IP details are handled by the host OS, so some things might break, but I'm confident that this will work just fine for the most typical uses, which involve standard TCP connections.

Anyway, I have DHCP, ARP and DNS covered. I started work on TCP, it's now able to initiate a connection to a server. Now I need to get the actual data exchange working.

I'm also unsure this can work for any use case where the DS is used as a server, but for now we don't have to care about that. And there's always direct mode.
MelonMan says:
Mar 5th 2019
How do you access the wifi settings?
Saizo7 says:
Mar 6th 2019
I want a little help understanding what these recent changes are about. Do they have to do with local multiplayer? Or is it about connecting to AltWFC? What about Download Play? I want to be able to trade pokemon between 2 pcs that are connected locally via router or even by running melonds twice on the same pc. I have made it work between gen5 games (black,white,black 2, white 2) but I had no luck between gen4 (diamond,pearl,platinum,heartgold, soulsilver). Also, by using Download Play I have manage to start the Poke Transfer mini game but after completing it, the games hangs. Anyways, many thanks for all your hard work!
Comlud says:
Mar 6th 2019
Good progress, keep on working!
Sorer says:
Mar 6th 2019
@Saizo7 Its about online multiplayer
Amnesia says:
Mar 7th 2019
It is intended to implement custom paths for saved games, and not be saved next to the game
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