Uninspired title is uninspired. Anyway, two things for this post.

1. Coming-out, sorta.

I am, well... nonbinary, likely some flavor of girl.

I'm a bit sick of the constant assumption that internet users are male by default, or that 'there are no girls on the internet'. Other genders, trans or not, are here too.

If you don't know, you can either ask or use gender-neutral prounous, it's still better than perpetrating the 'masculine by default' norm.

2. Network shito

The issue I mentioned with the DS receiving packets addressed to the host, also happens the other way around, ie the host receives traffic addressed to the DS. This might be the cause for the lag I observed.

Still thinking of a workaround to this. May need to read about network routing and all.

That's all folks!
Arisotura says:
Mar 2nd 2019
I know about the 'gender neutral dude' thing. it's just that when you're a trans girl, that kind of thing puts you in doubt, "did I get misgendered or did they just use 'gender neutral dude'?", you see.
Zero Requiem says:
Mar 4th 2019
Don't be so quick to get offended. That's really the easy answer. Guys can be weird and they don't like thinking about a girl seeing them be weird. So they assume everyone is male. That's my theory at least.

Good luck tho.

-First time commenter, long time fan.
poudink says:
Mar 4th 2019
a lot of people actually asume based on profile pics. for the longest time I thought shibbo was a girl for instance.
Guest says:
Mar 5th 2019
I seem to be having issues compiling melonDS on Solus, with undefined references to LAN_PCap, LAN_Socket, and DlgWiFiSettings, any help here?
At least I'm not having the issues I used to have, with CMake being unable to find files inside the PCap folder (I had to manually change Platform.cpp, as well as some of the PCap.h files to use absolute paths for CMake to recognize them).
Ampersand says:
Mar 6th 2019
I've been following your emulator, but this is the first I've commented, and it's surprisingly not about the emulator itself. I'm nonbinary too, but I use mostly male pronouns with some female pronouns and other concepts (I want to be 'pretty', not 'handsome', for example) mixed in. Why those instead of more neutral pronouns? Because even though people don't mean it that way, by using they/them/etc it makes me feel like they're 'pluralizing' me -- like they can't wrap their heads around the fact that one person can possibly be neither male nor female and so they're treating me like some kind of split personality. Long story short, I'm a me, not an us, and to be called they/them feels like I'm not being recognized as the singular person I am.

Anyways, different strokes for different folks, and I'll call you they/them if you want me to even though it feels rude to me (or the awkward-sounding xe/xem if you prefer), and I always try to ask when meeting someone new, just wanted you to know you're not alone in the struggle.

Oh, and just a quick tip if you're not *used to* talking about this (I don't know your situation)... if someone asks you if you are straight/gay/etc, you may benefit from the terms 'androsexual' (attracted to male anatomy) and 'gynesexual' (attracted to female anatomy). Since they don't actually make an issue of your own gender (or anatomy, even), they can be very useful... ;)
A bi-gender person says:
Mar 10th 2019
We accept you, and screw the haters ♥
Keep up the great work on MelonDS
lonelyVoxel says:
May 19th 2019
I support you! I'm a trans girl myself and I'd be happy to help if you ever need it. I'll probably dip into the IRC again as I used to in case you ever wanna hit me up. Your emulator is gonna help my gay little friend group do a bunch of online Pokémon shenanigans together, so thank you so much for this!
XRumerTest says:
Sep 27th 2019
Hello. And Bye.
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