Uninspired title is uninspired. Anyway, two things for this post.

1. Coming-out, sorta.

I am, well... nonbinary, likely some flavor of girl.

I'm a bit sick of the constant assumption that internet users are male by default, or that 'there are no girls on the internet'. Other genders, trans or not, are here too.

If you don't know, you can either ask or use gender-neutral prounous, it's still better than perpetrating the 'masculine by default' norm.

2. Network shito

The issue I mentioned with the DS receiving packets addressed to the host, also happens the other way around, ie the host receives traffic addressed to the DS. This might be the cause for the lag I observed.

Still thinking of a workaround to this. May need to read about network routing and all.

That's all folks!
vicky says:
Feb 27th 2019
congrats on the coming out-ish! and thanks for all the hard work, network-related stuff sounds like a royal pain in the rear from what I've seen you talking about here
Good says:
Feb 27th 2019
That's enough of that then.
Weirdo says:
Feb 28th 2019
... I... I still don't get why people get offended... you want to be pronounced and called as something? Just say it don't get offended over it.
Comlud says:
Feb 28th 2019
I'm proud of you! :D
A dragon says:
Feb 28th 2019
Arisotura, to me, gender shouldn't matter too much in most things. Man or woman, it shouldn't make much of a difference as we're all HUman at the end of the day... well, except maybe me if you take my username a bit too seriously. As for the assumption of gender, I suppose it can work both ways. I know someone who calls these two boys she watches 'girls' as an insult when they're fighting with each other to try get them to stop.

Weirdo, Valve did just that before. That did not go well for them.
Dean Heck. says:
Feb 28th 2019
You're making a great emulator. It doesn't matter to me whether you're a man, a woman or an Apache attack helicopter.
poudink says:
Mar 1st 2019
really looking forward to the network update.
SeyTH says:
Mar 1st 2019
Good for you... Now: Just build da' emulator gurl, human of some flavor you can do it! Go! .. like, now...
Simon says:
Mar 1st 2019
Congrats on coming out! 🤗
aardbei says:
Mar 1st 2019
i'm really happy to hear about you coming out! ^-^
valid says:
Mar 1st 2019
C437 says:
Mar 1st 2019
It doesn't matter what gender you are, we are all fully supportive of your work. melonDS is an amazing emulator regardless of the identity of the person behind it (✿◕‿◕)
ytho says:
Mar 1st 2019
Coming out is fine but nobody is assuming gender when they say hay dude, m8, guy, that is the biggest non issue ive ever heard
Ammako says:
Mar 2nd 2019
I've always liked "they" as a default.

Also, @ytho, nobody was complaining about that anyway.
A dragon says:
Mar 2nd 2019
If you can't figure out how to deal with this issue now, I'd suggest considering looking into borderless window mode and possibly considering implementing a menu next to the touch screen so you can keep your mouse in that general area. I'd also like to suggest screen alignment options. Example, I tend to view my screen from the right side, so I'd like to have the option to align the screens to the right side when it doesn't take up the full screen. Just a few other ideas on things you could implement for the time being if the online play is something you're struggling with right now. This emulator is pretty impressive, so don't let this get you down, miss.
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