Indirect mode progress
After a while of dealing with the silly issues like failing to properly compute checksums, indirect mode is finally showing some promising results.

The idea is that outgoing network traffic is altered to make it look like it's coming from the host machine, so that it will get past wifi access points without trouble. In return, incoming traffic is addressed to the host machine, so I first took the easy path of redirecting all traffic to the emulated DS regardless.

Bad idea tho.

This caused all connections on the host machine to die constantly. Reason is that on the DS, the sgIP stack is receiving TCP traffic it did not initiate (because those are destined to the host), and interfering with these connections, likely just trying to kill what it perceives as bogus connections.

To work around this, we have to keep track of TCP sockets. Examining the flags in the TCP header, we know when a connection begins, and can know to only redirect incoming traffic if the source IP and source/destination ports match an existing socket.

Basically, NAT.

This gave promising results with ClIRC, but for some reason there's quite some lag on messages sent from ClIRC, which I don't remember being that laggy.

The current implementation will be limited to TCP and UDP, but for uses like AltWFC, this should be enough. For more advanced shito, there's always direct mode, which I think can be made to work on a wifi connection with some hackery.
Zinx says:
Feb 24th 2019
Time to release 0.7.4?
Dante says:
Feb 24th 2019
Any chance we could get a JIT recompiler?
Wave says:
Feb 24th 2019
Yo I love what you're doing here. You're the hero we need but don't deserve. To be able to play DS games again with wifi in an emulator, that's just amazing. Keep up the good work my dude! <3
hammy3502 says:
Feb 25th 2019
Thank you for being the absolute legend that you are and creating a DS emulator with freaking Wi-Fi support! Thank you for the amazing work! ^^
Anonymous says:
Feb 26th 2019
You're awesome man <3
Amnesia says:
Feb 26th 2019
One question, the code compilation is successful, but creating the executable shows this error. Is any new dependency necessary?
Sorer says:
Feb 26th 2019
@Amnesia I compiled the latest source a few days ago.
this is the compiled windows build :
Amnesia says:
Feb 26th 2019
I'm in linux
Zinx says:
Feb 27th 2019
I wonder if there is a way to get online multiplayer work on Android?
Do you think there is a winpcap app or something similar.
MelonMan says:
Feb 27th 2019
how do you access the wifi config?
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