Some news
A little update on the plans for upcoming melonDS versions.

Things have slowed down a bit since 0.7.3. I wanted to address some of the newer timing issues, but there's bigger trouble arising from this, I'll get to it.

Also, attempting to get things done(tm) in real life, which is another reason why it's slowing down.

Regardless, we're still alive and kicking.

For melonDS 0.7.4, I want to fix some interface issues, and finally add some interface for setting up online-mode wifi. There might be other fixes, but that release will hardly be a revolution.

0.8 will be, as promised, the hardware renderer and upscaling. I don't want to delay this any further, so instead I'm going to delay what will come next.

For 0.9, or something like that. We're running into timing issues that can't be addressed by simply tweaking our timing values for cached memory. Not without breaking other games. I am reluctant to using per-game hacks.

So, the last line before the dreaded "per-game hacks or full ARM9 cache emulation" situation: perfecting CPU timings. The current CPU timings are imperfect, making things run faster than their hardware counterpart, especially on the ARM9 side. The ARM9 is complex so working out its complete timings will take a while.

Also, there's been some changes to this site, and we're not done :)
poudink says:
Feb 12th 2019
there's pretty much no games on which that would be useful. the only one would be SM64DS and you need to mod the rom to keep the touchpad in place too. that's too specific of a feature imo.
A dragon says:
Feb 12th 2019
Depends on the game. Star Fox Command would benefit from having stylus on the left analog stick as it would be a step closer to feeling more like a traditional Star Fox game. Other games might benefit from it being on the right stick. Example, Super Princess Peach has the emotions assigned to the touch screen, so they're more or less used as extra buttons for the main game. Plus if you don't want to keep your mouse near by for it and just have a simple wireless controller, might be a good idea to have the option to map L3 or R3 to touching the screen. I suppose the use of the left and right triggers could be good for clicking, too.
Arisotura says:
Feb 13th 2019
the idea of mapping specific touchscreen presses/gestures to buttons sounds interesting

although I'm not sure how the config UI for such a feature would work

it would also definitely be a per-game thing (the Princess Peach vibes you mentioned, SM64DS touchscreen control, etc)

might just be easier to provide Lua scripting for that sort of thing
poudink says:
Feb 13th 2019
oh I see, so you'd be able to map specific touchscreen coordinates to a button. that could be pretty useful.
A dragon says:
Feb 13th 2019
I'm kind of imaging it something like a virtual mouse assigned to the analog sticks' axises as a bare minimum for the functionality.
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