Some news
A little update on the plans for upcoming melonDS versions.

Things have slowed down a bit since 0.7.3. I wanted to address some of the newer timing issues, but there's bigger trouble arising from this, I'll get to it.

Also, attempting to get things done(tm) in real life, which is another reason why it's slowing down.

Regardless, we're still alive and kicking.

For melonDS 0.7.4, I want to fix some interface issues, and finally add some interface for setting up online-mode wifi. There might be other fixes, but that release will hardly be a revolution.

0.8 will be, as promised, the hardware renderer and upscaling. I don't want to delay this any further, so instead I'm going to delay what will come next.

For 0.9, or something like that. We're running into timing issues that can't be addressed by simply tweaking our timing values for cached memory. Not without breaking other games. I am reluctant to using per-game hacks.

So, the last line before the dreaded "per-game hacks or full ARM9 cache emulation" situation: perfecting CPU timings. The current CPU timings are imperfect, making things run faster than their hardware counterpart, especially on the ARM9 side. The ARM9 is complex so working out its complete timings will take a while.

Also, there's been some changes to this site, and we're not done :)
MelonMan says:
Jan 26th 2019
Where's StapleButter gone? RIP StapleButter
Guest says:
Jan 26th 2019
I think that Arisotura is StapleButter, I just can't find any proof.
Rin Tohsaka says:
Jan 26th 2019
Considering that one only needs to change the DNS server in order to get online via the likes of Wiimmfi anymore, I would imagine that's all that would really be needed for any sort of online UI.
Arisotura says:
Jan 26th 2019
StapleButter is me, I just changed my username.

as for the wifi UI, what we need is a way to select which network adapter will be used.
Amnesia says:
Jan 29th 2019
This emulator is great... I follow its development quite a while ago, great work. I just wanted to congratulate and thank you, I was long waiting for an alternative to emulate DS in linux natively... Thank you, thank you so much and keep it up!
Maluna says:
Jan 29th 2019
Thank you for your work !! :)
No plan for fixes of the local online?
JamesBond@ge says:
Feb 1st 2019
Thanks for the update. I love your verbose updates because it helps us mere 'civvies' understand the trials and tribulations of writing emulators better.
Amnesia says:
Feb 2nd 2019
One question, can the emulator (in Linux) open zip compressed games? I tried but the emulator closed. I don't know if it's an emulator error or is not possible.
poudink says:
Feb 2nd 2019
no but someone made a pull request to add support of zip and 7z to the emulator
Eddy says:
Feb 4th 2019
Is it possible port to macos, want to try it but I have only a macbook. Thanks!
poudink says:
Feb 4th 2019
yes, you can compile it on macos.
A dragon says:
Feb 6th 2019
Think you can implement headset support so we can use the microphone in games that use the built in one?
A dragon says:
Feb 7th 2019
Forget what I said about the headset. It seems I'm using an outdated version. I'll try a newer one.
Arisotura_ says:
Feb 11th 2019
If your headset is recognized as a regular microphone, no reason it wouldn't work, but you need 0.7.2 or more recent.

(guest posting, lazy)
A dragon says:
Feb 12th 2019
Actually, it's more like I wasn't aware of the version I had installed wasn't up to date. I was running 0.7 at the time. I wonder if the Retroarch version's kept up to date. Anyway, there is one thing I'd suggest trying to implement. Offer the ability to use the analog stick on controllers as a virtual stylus.
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