Some brighter news tho
Too many ideas.

Regarding the Colour Cross issue, I have an idea. It seems to stem from the GXSTAT busy flag, like, sometimes it's still set when it should be cleared because we aren't syncing the GX often enough.

I could go back to the old way (syncing it per-opcode), but I'm afraid this is going to be suboptimal. The better solution I have will require a bit of reworking how melonDS handles timing. As a bonus it would be more straightforward, easier to maintain and less error-prone.

I still have no idea about Spellbound though. I found that DMA timings can differ depending on how source/destination addresses are updated, but that doesn't apply in the Spellbound case. So, still no idea there.

I guess we can try releasing 0.7.3 after fixing Colour Cross, though.

I also have a few ideas for improving this site. A nice one to have would be an intro blurb before the blog posts, showing off melonDS and why it's awesome and you should totally download it, like the lolSNES site has.

Might also change the download page a bit, namely, to add downloadable extras like the latest romlist.bin or the dsbf_dump.nds copy that's been squatting the Kuribo64 uploader since forever.

Maybe even later, some form of compatibility list. Which will need some dedicated testers to fill it and keep it up to date.

If you have ideas how to improve the site, visually or technically, I'm open to all suggestions!

I'm contemplating running a sorta-buildbot on blargcity (the server), like we had for lolSNES. Looking at MinGW and how we can use it to produce 64-bit Windows and Linux builds.

Might even produce 32-bit builds if it's any worth doing. Noting that it wouldn't run on Windows XP as it is, libui uses several APIs that were introduced in Vista.

One fear I have over that is that having a buildbot might kill incentive to do proper releases. Kind of what happened with lolSNES.

Oh well.
poudink says:
Jan 3rd 2019
A compatibility list would be nice. During the 0.1 days I thought something akin to the dolphin wiki would be necessary but seeing the way the emulator is progressing, it seems like a plain old spreadsheet would be sufficient. It appears to me that most games are working flawlessly and that the emulator tries keeping optional hacks and features to a minimum, which is the total opposite of dolphin.
Ammako says:
Jan 3rd 2019
Is there a /need/ for numbered releases, as long as things work? If you can come up with a reason why those are important, then there's your incentive to keep making them, regardless of automated builds :p
poudink says:
Jan 3rd 2019
oh, an edit. To be honest, I think if a buildbot happens there indeed really won't be as much of a point to proper releases, but I don't think that's really a problem. I don't think 32 bit builds would be really useful. I don't know anybody who still has a 32 bit PC.
extherian says:
Jan 4th 2019
A buildbot would be really cool. I wonder if it could be set up with the name of the commit that triggered the build. Dolphin always has stuff like "fixed xyz" above each download.

And I think we all know at this stage there's nothing you can't figure out about the Nintendo DS in time. You can do it!
NinTester says:
Mar 31st 2019
How to patch the nintendo ds rom to wiimmfi ?
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