Updated romlist.bin
The database was rebuilt, this time from a mishmash of the Advanscene and Wood databases. It should be a lot better.

In the near future, the database will be changed to identify ROMs by game code rather than CRC, so it will also work with hacked ROMs and whatnot. But for melonDS 0.7.2 or 0.7.1, you can get this updated database.

-> Download here <-

Just overwrite your existing romlist.bin with this and you're good to go!

Remember, if your game is still failing to save, you may need to delete the savefile.
Akumahanta says:
Dec 31st 2018
The download link doesnt work. I get: 404 Not Found
Arisotura says:
Dec 31st 2018
T3st3r says:
Dec 31st 2018
Nice. A romlist update, but under downloads are the old file in the zip file. Can you Update this? THX and have a nice silvester party time!
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