Short break
Much needed to avoid burnout these days.

Especially when it seems that all you're throwing at the wall is pointless. That sure deals a blow to motivation.

I picked one of the available Advanscene databases for savemem type detection, not knowing what all the available ones mean and what the differences are. Well, this one seems to be a Swiss cheese, full of errors and missing games.

If you have any ideas for a better database (like, what the fuck are the differences between all the Advanscene ones), I'd love to hear about it. Among the suggestions are that of using AKAIO's database, so I might look into that.

Also, a possibility to consider: detecting ROMs by game code rather than by CRC.

We're getting more timing renovation victims, and this time they're goddamn real. They all seem to be the same thing, missing/corrupted geometry. I don't know about all the games, but I looked into one of them (Spellbound), and it looks, well, not very good. The developers coded their own software version of GXFIFO DMA (the base idea is to transfer a fixed-size chunk of display list data every time the GXFIFO is less than half-full), which works by relying on the GXFIFO IRQ set to trigger when it's less than half-full.

However, the way this is coded expects that by the time a DMA transfer is finished, the GXFIFO will already be less than half-full, so the next chunk will be started immediately. Of course, there's a point in melonDS where that doesn't happen, causing the game to think the transfer has completed, and send a SWAP_BUFFERS command in the middle of the display list, which works as well as you'd expect.

Something's up with our timings. I hope we don't need to emulate the ARM9 caches.

And the goddamn input config dialog under Linux. I have no fucking idea why that would crash. I can't reproduce the crash. It's working just fine under my setup (Ubuntu 16.04). I can't even tell if we're just hitting some obscure GTK bug.


and merry Christmas to you reader.
Niklink says:
Dec 24th 2018
And a merry Christmas to you too. Don't worry, 2019 will be the year of the DS emulator!
SIGMA says:
Dec 25th 2018
Merry Christmas! I think the emulator has achieved a lot in such a short time, I believe it'll progress even further next year. Hope you have a good break since you more than deserve it for all the hard work you've done.
AsPika2219 says:
Dec 25th 2018
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019! I hope next year, MelonDS becomes support everything just likes Desmume and No$gba have it! Cheats, Debugger etc...
MelonMan says:
Dec 25th 2018
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 2019 shall be the year of the melon!
Thormented says:
Dec 28th 2018
Late but merry christmas!

Thanks for continuing to work on the this <3
Ammako says:
Dec 29th 2018
Hoping that AKAIO save type database is the same as the one that was used for Wood, but Wood already goes by game code, so there's that.

If I knew how your romlist.bin works I could edit it to fix the games I care about, as a temporary fix, but I don't. Game code over CRC is a must though, otherwise any kind of rom hack would need to be manually added to the database, and that would be a pain for everyone involved.

and merry Christmas to you writer.
JamesBond@ge says:
Dec 30th 2018
Merry Christmas Mate. I love your work so far. I've also found a few ROMS that work on MelonDS perfectly but have graphical defects on another well known DS Emulator that has been around for years.

Merry Christams and a Happy New Year to you. Keep your chin up.
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