Sneak peek
New feature of melonDS 0.7.2, among a nice little pile of other features and fixes:

I'll let you guess ;)
extherian says:
Dec 14th 2018
Hey, StapleButter! I see you've been working hard on adding support for proper microphone input, along with other forms of input like lid-close detection. These are by far the most exciting new features of melonDS, since many games can't be completed without them.

I like the LGBT flag colours on your...whatever that is. Homebrew?

Also, any luck on figuring out what was causing the flickering?
Arisotura says:
Dec 14th 2018
bingo! you win the melonDS Company Cookie, which is made of chocolate and ham

also, that's actually a commercial game. Rayman Raving Rabbids 2. it has a whole section dedicated to customizing your bunny, you can give him clothes and items and even paint on him and on the background, and there's the little game thing w/ microphone input that is showcased in the video.

as for the flickering, I'm not on it yet, but yeah, I'd like to actually understand the issue instead of blindly messing with timings.
extherian says:
Dec 14th 2018
Don't give me too much credit! I follow the github commits religiously, so I spot interesting changes as soon as they're made.

I wonder how the source of that glitch can be found, though. It flickers back and forth between how it should look and a distorted version that takes up half the screen. That would seem to suggest a timing error happening over and over again, perhaps caused by how long the two emulated processors are allowed to run for on a single thread.

The only way to know for sure would be if you could somehow reproduce the problem on a real Nintendo DS, but I don't know if it's possible to mess with the behaviour of the DS processors in such a granular way. It seems to affect only 2D textures and sprites, so maybe you could write up some simple homebrew and see if you can make it flicker like on melonDS.

It's a pity you don't have the funds for a buildbot, since it would be much easier to bisect and find out exactly which commit caused things to go haywire. On the other hand, this more frequent release schedule should reduce the chance of major bugs going unnoticed.
AsPika2219 says:
Dec 15th 2018
Oh yes! Microphone support!!! Many games need this one! I hope will better than Desmume! :D
Niklink says:
Dec 15th 2018
Every time I play through Ace Attorney and you have to use the microphone to get the credits to roll, god damn

The microphone feature just straight up does not work on Desmume, I have to spend like half an hour waiting for random noise samples to be accepted by the game as an objection

please save me
T3st3r says:
Dec 15th 2018
Nice. You hang yourself right before Christmas again. thx
Arisotura says:
Dec 15th 2018
"I have to spend like half an hour waiting for random noise samples to be accepted by the game as an objection"

hahahh :P

well tbh it's not perfect in melonDS either. actual microphone input is spotty (as you can hear in the video). input from a WAV is better tho.

white noise doesn't work everywhere either. for example Mario Kart refuses to let me inflate balloons with it. however, a small portion of a random fart sound WAV is okay for it. how weird.
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