Quick bugfix update for Windows
If you have downloaded melonDS until now, and it crashes when you try to launch it, try redownloading it.

I pushed a quick bugfix update for the Windows build. Fixed the code that was responsible for loading INI/BIOS/firmware from AppData. So now, it shouldn't crash randomly anymore, and it should actually work as intended.

The bug went unnoticed because a) it strikes on a fresh melonDS install, and b) it's a heisenbug! It tried to access memory that was uninitialized and potentially freed, depending on a lot of things internal to the OS. You guess how it goes.
Fernando Hyoga says:
Oct 27th 2018
Hi StapleButter I wanted to say that the saves of the kingdom hearts games 358/8 Days and Re: Coded are not working, when you start the game and it arrives at save to save it does not recognize in the system and disappears has how you test and fix it, Thanks in advance.
Fernando Hyoga says:
Oct 27th 2018
in fact the emulator is great, congratulations
Arisotura says:
Oct 28th 2018
you might need to find an existing save file for melonDS to pick it up properly
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