melonDS 0.7 -- Granting popular wishes
Or atleast starting to do so. There isn't a lot in this release, but hey, we have to start somewhere.

Atleast, The Spark is back, somewhat. So I guess we can take melonDS somewhere.

Not a lot of novelty visually speaking, so there will only be one screenshot:

Nothing changed! :D

Except, if you look closely, the bottom border of the blue platform thing.

Couldn't resist.

Fixed a small bug regarding shadows and antialiasing, that caused that.

What else? Miscellaneous fixes. melonDS shouldn't crash randomly when closing it anymore. And other things.

Oh, and savestates. Which were one of the popular demands, and which are finally brought to you.

Here is the outline of our implementation:

• 8 savestate slots, which are per-game. Savestate files are stored in the same place as save files.
• 'Undo state load' will revert to the state from right before loading a savestate. For example, if you loaded it accidentally.
• In savestate settings: 'Separate savefiles' allows saving to a separate save file after loading a savestate. The separate save file is bound to that savestate slot.
• Shift-Fx to save state, Fx to load state. x = 1 to 8 for regular slots, 9 for using an arbitrary file. F12 to undo the latest state load.

Have fun!

Windows 64-bit
Linux 64-bit

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Runo says:
Oct 26th 2018
Daisuke says:
Oct 27th 2018
Dude you are F*cking awesome. Someone make a Twitter and facebook pages ASAP.
Peter says:
Oct 27th 2018
Fantastic. Best way to upgrade from release to release?
Arisotura says:
Oct 27th 2018
just replace melonDS.exe by the new version :)

as for FB/Twitter pages, I'd rather avoid having such pages managed by other people and potentially causing confusion
Jaume says:
Oct 27th 2018
Hi friend. Could you please, when you can, add microphone support to this application, please? I need it because I like to play with those demo or multiplayer games that require a microphone (Brain Training, etc.) Greetings from Spain
Arisotura says:
Oct 27th 2018
that's planned
AsPika2219 says:
Oct 29th 2018
Thanks for update! For next version, more functions will included! ;)
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