Coming soooooooon!
The savestates feature is finished! Not saying much more though, the details are a surprise ;)

Other than there were other bugs like mentioned in the previous post that bit me, but eh, that's all over now.

There are a few issues to iron out regarding menus under GTK, though, so it'll take a little while.

But it's coming soon!
another anon says:
Oct 25th 2018
I remember hearing about this stuff a while ago, glad to see you're at it

keep it up man, knock desmume down a peg for us all
poudink says:
Oct 26th 2018
Savestates are gonna be great for testing romhacks. I think I will soon be able to put desmume to rest.
anon says:
Oct 26th 2018
Great stuff! Glad to know you're still working on the emulator, hope you're feeling good as well man. I look forward to the future of this emulator.
swagmaster says:
Oct 27th 2018
fullscreen when? just a joke i use borderlessgaming for that
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