gettin' there
Apologies for not keeping this up to date lately.

Anyway, savestates are being coded, and we need your help to test them out. More about this in this reddit post.

Other than that, I tried some hax on my new green DSi. Was able to install unlaunch. I'm not yet able to run DSi homebrew though-- ndstool builds oldschool DS ROM headers, which causes unlaunch to load these ROMs in DS mode. I have yet to figure out how to make ndstool build DSi ROM headers.

On the real life side... I'm getting there. Depression is a bitch tho. And capitalism too. I would feel a lot better if that didn't exist.
Garnium says:
Oct 22nd 2018
Damn, that last paragraph hits me hard on a personal level... You're doing great work man. Keep hanging in there, look after yourself, and don't forget you have lots of support. Peace 💖
Micro says:
Oct 26th 2018
↑ This
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