the plaaaaaans: getting staaaaaarted
this is spaaaaaarta

Meet Green.

It's a big DSi. Pretty cool, eh?

Quick inspection reveals that everything is alright. It was factory-reset, tho, so it might not have Flipnote on it. But whatever, we'll find a way. actually it does still have Flipnote. All good!

Still no news of the other order. If you happen to remember, it was returned to sender, and the sender notified me about it and asked me what they should do. I gave them another address to ship to, and even offered to pay for the reship, but since then, silence.

I guess I'll have to give the seller a reminder. Or ask for a refund.

Regardless, I think we can get started with the interesting things... once I'm a bit more settled.
Lurkon01 says:
Aug 11th 2018
Whooo! Glad you eventually got one. Happy hacking :D
Thelolest says:
Aug 13th 2018
I Can see your reflex xD happy RE StapleButter!
X33R00 says:
Aug 13th 2018
This is is good news to bad the other order has not come yet. Well i guess i have to do that dumping video sooner or later with my crappy ipad as a recorder. Anyways the dsi looks great
Paraskevidis says:
Aug 14th 2018
Looking good :D
If dsi emulation comes to Android I will wet meself
Sk8rVince says:
Aug 16th 2018
dude i found this blog looki g for a way to get an emulator for my phone in order to trad and stuff in pokemon through WiFi and i gotta say after all this reading i sincerely respect the work you or you guys put into this, i really hope something good comes up soon, best of luck bro. :,)
AsPika2219 says:
Aug 17th 2018
Wow! MelonDS will support DSi games very soon after No$gba! YES! Coming soon, Medusa and Desmume will have DSi games!
poudink says:
Aug 18th 2018
er, not so sure about desmume and medusa. espescially desmume.
Smoked says:
Aug 19th 2018
Just wanted say thank you so much for continuing to work on this software, the DS was in desperate need of a proper emulator and this one is absolutely fantastic so far, keep up the good work, and I hope the DSi work goes smoothly~ ♥
Thormented says:
Aug 30th 2018
Haven't been around for a while, glad you're still trucking on!

Thanks for your continued work! ^^
TheConceptionist says:
Sep 1st 2018
Good to see you back in action, StapleButter! Can't wait to see what developments come for the emulator in the future!
TechMan says:
Sep 9th 2018
So you are going to Did you know unlaunch was made by the DSi emulator (NO$GBA) developer Martin Korth?
TechMan says:
Sep 9th 2018
Anyway, really nice emulator! Are you also going to be aiming for NO$GBA levels of accurate multiplayer? (he has nearly perfectly emulated nearly all of the DSi to DSi networking?
ZeroViral says:
Sep 23rd 2018
Nice, hearx this got ported to the Switch. Hopefully once you get down to its entrcasies a Vita version would come.
LeeYang says:
Oct 1st 2018
is it legal?
poudink says:
Oct 1st 2018
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