The 'timing' branch
In the meantime, I figured I'd give this a try.

Basic idea is that emulating timings with reasonable accuracy will require emulating the ARM9 caches.

I want to see if I can emulate those without completely killing performance. If I pull it off, there'll be several benefits:

* much more accurate timings, fixing games that do weird things
* homebrew developers using melonDS wouldn't fall into the typical 'forgot to flush/invalidate cache' pitfall that reveals itself when testing on hardware
* if we take it even further, we can emulate the MPU (memory protection unit), which means emulating crashes

I guess that if I manage to get it going, there will be a sorta beta release so I can get feedback about this, whether it's killing performance, etc...
soradaking says:
Aug 8th 2018
awesome I wonder if it would run better at a low end computer though. :/ mine sort of lags and I really like this emulator.
wish you luck.
Hipercub0 says:
Aug 8th 2018
wow! thanks for all the effort you're putting into this!
L05T_SH33P says:
Aug 9th 2018
Hello, is there a way to turn off sound for MelonDs?
Rin Tohsaka says:
Aug 10th 2018
Hopefully the better timings mean that local multiplayer in Mario Kart DS won't bork out as soon as you try to join a game!

...unless that's something actually caused by inaccuracies in the local wifi emulation, in which case it obviously wouldn't...
jelly says:
Aug 10th 2018
AsPika2219 says:
Aug 11th 2018
I hope some games which requires timing plus reverse engineering to make it almost works!
H3lp Me says:
Aug 12th 2018
I hope the next version of melonDS fixes the blue screen error that prevents wifi trading in the pokemon games.
poudink says:
Aug 18th 2018
I doubt this will fix wifi related things.
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