Updates on the plaaaaaaans
The package was, surprise, returned to sender, because some idiot can't find a mailbox that is street-facing and not hidden or anything fancy. Hell, it's right next to the building's front gate.


I'm trying to see if I can have it shipped at another address which I know should work.

I ordered another one, too (that was before the seller for the first one contacted me about the package), but it won't be shipped until a week.

I guess it can't be a bad idea to get two consoles either way. Like, if one turns out to be less/not haxable, or if I need to do hardmods...
Thelolest says:
Jul 31st 2018
Haxxing a DSI is a lot easier than before... There is ugopwn and flipnote lenny... You can brute force your Cid and/or your Console ID pretty easily with TWLbf...we finally got a warm boot exploit with Unlaunch (ps: no$gba was trying to contact you on 4dsdev.kuribo64.net)and a faster way to load code for debugging, and DSiMenuPlusPlus is a nice Swiss knife ;)
Niklink says:
Jul 31st 2018
Don't be so rough on the poor mailmen. It's only their job, they can't be expected to be competent at it.
Thormented says:
Aug 3rd 2018
... That was surprisingly amusing to read. Mail is terrible in any country it seems. Either way, hope they both arrive soon ^_^
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