oh well
The plan was to receive the package and post a picture of the contents as a reveal, but obviously this is not going as planned. So I guess a shitty reveal is better than teasing people and letting them hang in the void forever.

So here it is.

The next direction for this is DSi emulation.

In the meantime, depending on how things go, I might do some work on GPU accuracy again, but for now I'm taking a few days of vacation.

Upscaling is also something I might try someday. I have some ideas for it, but we'll see.

See ya!
Niklink says:
Jul 23rd 2018
Definitely looking forward to it!
swagmaster696969 says:
Jul 23rd 2018
Maybe it's fullscreen support.Wood be apriciated
Khangaroo says:
Jul 23rd 2018
John_Enigma says:
Jul 24th 2018
Once the package arrives, are you still gonna gives us some pics of whatever you ordered?
Arisotura says:
Jul 24th 2018
yup, but I kind of need it to arrive in the first place, and that's not a given, given how the postal services are

basically the package may be returned to sender or even disappear entirely like has already happened to me
Khangaroo says:
Jul 24th 2018
you can probably get a preliminary implementation using the stuff on gbatek, and i can give you my dsi nand dump for further testing
hcorion says:
Jul 24th 2018
Have a great vacation StapleButter!
Rin Tohsaka says:
Jul 24th 2018
Speaking of fullscreen support, I wonder if that could provide a work-around for the weird issues melonDS has with hi-DPI in its current windowed mode.

However, I can't help but think that fullscreen would make it quite difficult if not impossible to have "pseudo split-screen" on a single PC unless the emulator specifically implemented a way to run multiple instances of the game simultaneously (along with having seperately configured controls per game instance).
LLugnuto779 says:
Jul 25th 2018
you should do some optimization maybe.

anyways have fun on vacation!
SonicBlader says:
Jul 25th 2018
Looking forward to it! :D
garnium says:
Jul 26th 2018
Gotta love the postal system sometimes, eh? Nothing fills the hearts and minds of men with anxiety more than your package taking longer to arrive than estimated. That happens to me a lot; sometimes a package will take so long, I forget I ordered it lol.

Enjoy your vacation!
zeemee says:
Jul 26th 2018
yay i'm so happy that you're back. there are few ds emulators active nowadays, so that's great news.
JunioJsv says:
Jul 29th 2018
Android support pls!
Paraskevidis says:
Aug 2nd 2018
Since melonds has a retroarch core we may get dsi emulation in Android???
This may be our only hope since no$gba is not open sourced and only on PC!
AsPika2219 says:
Aug 11th 2018
I hope DSi Ware and DSi Exlusive will play perfectly.... SOON! Just after No$gba did it before! Coming soon, Desmume!
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