Thank you all! :)
I don't always take the time to respond to your comments on this site, I'm sorry about it.

But I read your comments. I always do.

And I want to say, thank you. Those comments are real nice.

It's nice to see that you are still following this blog, despite the lack of modern subcription/following features.

(it's also nice to note that the viagra spammer stopped posting spam comments on the blog's second entry. not that their attempts at making links ever worked)

I have been ordering something that should arrive next week, hopefully Monday :)

This is related to the surprise. You'll know soon :)
Saizo7 says:
Jul 15th 2018
\(^^)/ Woohoo! Can't wait!
Thelolest says:
Jul 15th 2018
Everyone is excited, but never set ETA in a Foss project, hype can kill;)
Take my energy bro ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ~~
Rickyman says:
Jul 15th 2018
My guess is that its a switch! :) And you will work for the homebrew! It would be nice, anyway thanks for all
bajol says:
Jul 15th 2018
Id hope for the surprise to be higher resolution (and filters) but im not sure what you could order that would help you on that.
oh well, good luck on whatever it is.
garnium says:
Jul 16th 2018
I only started following the DS emulation scene very recently, but seeing all the work you've been putting into this and how transparent you are about its progress is really admirable. I would offer any help I could provide if I had a real computer that wasn't broken...

Keep up the good work, but make sure to take care of yourself before worrying about anything else. What you're doing is awesome, and you're a super cool person, but you're still human and you should look after your own well-being before putting anymore stress on yourself. I don't think anyone would have a problem with that. You have all our support. :)
Asura says:
Jul 16th 2018
Hoi there, although only recently did I find out about your emulator, the impact on the sheer....invention of being able to implement Wifi or at least Network play for DS is just impeccable and that hooked me in immediately.

Truth be told, When i read your comment on putting this on Hiatus, I was bummed out - however, your life and your health is of utmost importance.

Reading this I have a sense of relief and happiness that the emulator is not shelved just yet - for this is a momentous invention that can possibly be used on Android emulators as well.

Thank you, we hope that we can provide you help on both on the emulation and if you need to talk to anyone (support, i suppose is the better word)
DaPorkchop_ says:
Jul 16th 2018
hype! keep it up!
Lurkon01 says:
Jul 17th 2018
Such a tease!
X33R00 says:
Jul 18th 2018
Im glad you feel better StapleButter and thank you for making this emulator. I will one day make a youtube video on how to dump the bios and firmware from the nds. And if you need to take a rest.... Then do it im sure people will understand have a good day folks
Comlud says:
Jul 18th 2018
You're the best!
Can't wait
Thormented says:
Jul 19th 2018
+1 to people randomly popping out of the woodwork for support~

Good luck and keep at it <3
Hipercub0 says:
Jul 19th 2018
Yeeee, looking forward to it!
Zinx says:
Jul 20th 2018
The support must continue.
zpoo32 says:
Jul 21st 2018
Argh, I'm sooo excited! Keep up the good work! :)
Khangaroo says:
Jul 22nd 2018
i'm going to take the most wild guess ever and say it's a dsi
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