I finally intend to keep going with melonDS, in one of the possible directions.

You will know more about this soon, but for now, it's a surprise ;)
Niklink says:
Jul 12th 2018
The lolest says:
Jul 12th 2018
Go Go Go! ^.^
T says:
Jul 12th 2018
Now this is an unexpected, but welcome surprise. I look forward to seeing where you take it!
Rin Tohsaka says:
Jul 12th 2018
As unlikely as it may be, I just hope that it somehow involves rendering the polygons at a higher internal resolution.

I just completely revamped my HTPC and now it should be able to run two or three copies of MelonDS simultaneously without any issue, therefore allowing psudo split-screen in games like Mario Kart DS...but those low-res 192p polygons are going to be pretty darn aliased. :P
Rin Tohsaka says:
Jul 12th 2018
No edit button makes me clarify, my concerns about the aliasing and general low-res-ness is because I'd be running such psudo split-screen on a large HDTV which is only going to amplify the low-res-ness of the DS's polygonal rendering.

For example, I tried to revisit Majora's Mask on the N64 on my current HDTV, but holy bananas as the jaggies. And it was only the jaggies and 240p resolution that were the issue because I found the 480p up-res of N64 Majora's Mask on the Wii virtual console to look way better even when using the same composite video signal.
Zinx says:
Jul 12th 2018
Emulator for Switch/3DS?
poudink says:
Jul 12th 2018
this is a ds emulator. of course not a switch/3DS emu.
hououin_kyouma says:
Jul 12th 2018
I'm guessing Zinx asked about the emulator being ported to the Switch and/or 3DS
hououin_kyouma says:
Jul 12th 2018
But anyways ^^ Great to see you are back at it ^^
houdini says:
Jul 12th 2018
I'm really glad about this comeback.
This emulator has so much potential and the new possibilities it has to offer will finally make for better ds emulation and silence extra naysaying noise. Hopefully you have been doing okay too, that's all what matters.

The possibilities are so many too:
- recompiler to be the fastest oss emulator so far
- faster higher internal resolution
- DSi modes
- more connectivity modes (port with wave scanner/slidemag kid, Wii wifi, online wifi with altwifi)
- weird addons like solar cartridges and cameras and keyboards...

and they're not realized to a satisfying degree yet elsewhere. Your work is the first part towards that goal and should make realizing it possible eventually.
bob says:
Jul 13th 2018
PICT[/.\]CHAT says:
Jul 13th 2018
I'm mostly looking forward to WFC emulation, so I can play online via Wiimmfi. DSi support, cheat menu and native upscaling would be nice too.
Rin Tohsaka says:
Jul 13th 2018
Once again, darn the lack of edit.

Maybe before I go on wishing for things to enhance the psudo split-screen experience, maybe I should wish for psudo split-screen to actually work :P

Turns out that, if you run two instances of melonDS with each running Mario Kart DS, both instances can see the other, but you get "Communication Error" as soon as one of the melonDS instances tries to join the game created by the other melonDS instance.
adamboy7 says:
Jul 14th 2018
I'm glad to hear it! Excited for what's to come. Thank you for your hard work, I hope both you and your emulator are doing well :)
Lolito says:
Jul 15th 2018
Wifi emulation is the best notice
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