You probably have noticed it, things are going down.

It's been 5 months since the last release.

What do we have that would be worthy of a 0.7?

The JIT? I started working on it, and... lost motivation.

DLDI? Same story. I hackishly added some commands so it can access a FAT image, and lost motivation to take it any further. For example, accessing the actual host filesystem instead of having to use an image file.

I have pretty much lost motivation. The context I find myself in these days doesn't help, either. I'm mostly just... bouncing between places and having trouble getting really settled.

So for now, melonDS is on hiatus.

I feel bad for those who are still donating to the project. If you are, well... do whatever you want, but consider that melonDS isn't going to see progress for a good while, if not ever.

Shideravan says:
May 24th 2018
Thanks for all the development you made until today!
I really hope you can work in this awesome project further someday, I really love the work you made this far!
Jinkson says:
May 25th 2018
If it's on indefinite hiatus, would you consider open-sourcing it? The world needs an alternative to the other popular NDS emulator.
velocity says:
May 26th 2018
Please open source this. This is exactly how potentially great projects dissapear off the face of the earth.

Please, please open-source this.
velocity says:
May 26th 2018
Comment above threw me off *facepalm*

@Jinkson: It's already open-sourced.
poudink says:
May 28th 2018
lmao people asking for open source even though it's been open source since the very beginning
MichaelHal says:
Oct 10th 2019
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