You probably have noticed it, things are going down.

It's been 5 months since the last release.

What do we have that would be worthy of a 0.7?

The JIT? I started working on it, and... lost motivation.

DLDI? Same story. I hackishly added some commands so it can access a FAT image, and lost motivation to take it any further. For example, accessing the actual host filesystem instead of having to use an image file.

I have pretty much lost motivation. The context I find myself in these days doesn't help, either. I'm mostly just... bouncing between places and having trouble getting really settled.

So for now, melonDS is on hiatus.

I feel bad for those who are still donating to the project. If you are, well... do whatever you want, but consider that melonDS isn't going to see progress for a good while, if not ever.

SeppNel says:
May 13th 2018
Dont worry, you made a great job, I hope you can continue someday.
And good luck with your personal businnes.
Justajoe says:
May 13th 2018
Don't feel bad about putting melonDS on hiatus, it's a wonderful piece of software but your private life is a top priority and I believe no one will hold this decision against you, I know I won't.

I wish you all the best and please, post something occassionally so we know you're still kicking in the meatspace.
Spk3aCc says:
May 13th 2018
Heh, Don't worry about it. It was a fun project that .. take too long I guess, Feel free to share new projects with us :) Good Luck
ZeroWalker says:
May 14th 2018
Can understand the motivation issue as someone who easily lose motivation on things and put stuff on hold.

And if you don't have enough time and stuff etc cause of IRL, that just adds to the problem.

I hope that you might be able to have a nice setup that will light up some motivation once again,
would be nice for others and of course for you as well (having something to work on with motivation is really neat).

Niklink says:
May 14th 2018
I have to admit I'm incredibly sad to hear this. You can't stop me from hoping that you'll return to the project at some point. But you owe us nothing. I wish you the best of luck in any of your future endeavors, and I hope your troubles, whatever they are, get sorted out soon.
samantha says:
May 15th 2018
I am glad you are taking time off to focus on yourself. You deserve it, and I won't get mad at you for ceasing development on this Free Thing. Thanks for everything you've done so far. <3
AsPika2219 says:
May 16th 2018
I hope MelonDS can support better JIT because Desmume have some buggier on JIT function which cause some games was crashed out or some graphics was glithed or emulator automatic quit (for some games likes How To Train Your Dragon) without any cautions. Also, some AR codes when activate JIT (CPU Mode) will cause game speed becomes very slow when pressing some buttons.
poudink says:
May 16th 2018
Well that's a shame but I guess I understand. Motivation often gets in a way of a project, especially when it's such a big one. Maybe someone will take over this one like with SM64DSe and CoinKiller.
Thormented says:
May 17th 2018
Nothing wrong with taking a break for yourself in order to get more ideas about what you want to do and/or recharge.

It's not a competition and I think that between MelonDS and Desmune, a majority of the reasons for people to favor Emulation has been satisfied, QOL changes and fixing up whatever is left doesn't mean that we shouldn't already appreciate what has been provided to us.

Thank you!
John says:
May 18th 2018
Take care of yourself, and don't burn yourself out! You've done an awesome service for everyone by writing what you have. Don't feel obligated to do anything more than what makes you happy.
May 19th 2018
I recently just discovered this emulator and boy was i excited on finally trading my 4th gen pokemon for the first time. anyway, it's okay you take a break for now and you don't owe anyone for an apology, you already made an impact to us users and to top that you made something that we all thought was impossible until now. Thank you and good luck on your future endeavors.

PS. we still want that 0.7 but we all can wait.
Jeff says:
May 19th 2018
could you at least release your wifi related stuff if you're gonna stop working on this?
Saurabh says:
May 19th 2018
Hope you find yourself where you want to be. Don't feel bad about us. Best of luck.
zolris says:
May 20th 2018
hopefully it gets more development sometime.
J.H says:
May 24th 2018
First of all, I would like to thank you for all the job you've done so far. This emulator is a incredible piece of software. Although I i admit I would like to see it developed even further, It's perfectly understandable what you are passing through. If you (hopefully) for some reason start developing the emulator again there are some things you COULD do. For example, you could ask for help to other developers to finish the JIT for the emulator(also it's surprises me that you were able to get that far just by yourself), same for DLDI (although this one seems trickier), also help is something you could be looking for(also a Patreon would probs help you). But do not force yourself to do something you don't want or can't do. Anyway thanks again for the incredible emulator, and i wish your success for whatever you have planned for your future.
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