Network support: in the works
You might have seen this thread.

Network support was achieved, but it was roughly equivalent to that of DeSmuME.

Currently, the network interface used by libpcap is hardcoded, I haven't added a UI for this yet.

There is also a disadvantage to this: it only works if your computer is connected via ethernet. It also requires promiscuous mode, which might be a problem in some situations.

I am working on a workaround to this, that allows networking without promiscuous mode. It will have to be tested extensively, but so far I got promising results.
PurpleRiser says:
Mar 13th 2018
No, Swagmaster, this is not the place to ask for those files.
alqpworitub says:
Apr 16th 2018
HELP PLZ! I keep getting "communication error" while trying to trade with myself in gen 4 pokemon. I have two computers connected with each other via ethernet cable.
not_A_staple says:
Apr 22nd 2018
Hey! Best of luck StapleButter, a very promising project. DeSmuME was a clusterfuck
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