Network support: in the works
You might have seen this thread.

Network support was achieved, but it was roughly equivalent to that of DeSmuME.

Currently, the network interface used by libpcap is hardcoded, I haven't added a UI for this yet.

There is also a disadvantage to this: it only works if your computer is connected via ethernet. It also requires promiscuous mode, which might be a problem in some situations.

I am working on a workaround to this, that allows networking without promiscuous mode. It will have to be tested extensively, but so far I got promising results.
Karthik99999 says:
Jan 25th 2018
any chance melonds can communicate while being sandboxed?
MrDude says:
Jan 28th 2018
i know you probably hear this from everyone but keep up the good work! this is my favorite up and coming emulator!
Ethan says:
Jan 31st 2018
Hey, I'm having trouble downloading it as it keeps saying that it needs to be opened by another app, can you give me link to download it as an application, would be really appricated :)
Alcgot says:
Feb 1st 2018
Hello, I am very grateful for your work, I managed to relive old memories playing yu gi oh, but I have a small inconvenience with the game yu gi oh world championship 2011 over the nexus whenever I try to play via LAN with a friend the game disconnects the half of the duel.
Is there anything I can do at the moment? if it is necessary to wait, I will wait, I thank you again for your work.
Guillaume64 says:
Feb 2nd 2018
Hello, Me & my brother tried to play a game together via our wifi but i can't see my brother on my games but he sees me well. Do you know how can we fix this little problem? It will be cool to play our DS rom together from our computers. Thanks in advance and continue your good work...
seb says:
Feb 2nd 2018
hey, it's awesome that you're working on this. After a bit of research it seems like you're the only person currently working on improving DS emulation. The other emulators seem to have been developmentally dead for a few years now.
Mr X says:
Feb 2nd 2018
Im impressed how this emulator can read and write directly to the firmware file unlike desmume which writes the changes to some external file.
I even managed to run a chinese ique ds lte firmware and settings are getting saved ok...

Since you are working on the wireless parts will your emulator support the ds extras like the pokewalker?
FE FAN says:
Feb 9th 2018
Is Melon DS compatible for windows 10?
seb says:
Feb 10th 2018
+Fe Fan yes, Melon DS is compatible with windows 10.
zomza says:
Feb 15th 2018
cool! Excited to see you get this far with networking! I was pretty negative about this project at first (oh this guy is just aiming too high he'll just end up giving up) but seriously StapleButter you've been just knocking it out of the park. Keep up that momentum man :D
KevinCr says:
Feb 21st 2018
That sounds great!
Are you planning to support the dsi in the future?
No$Gba does that not very well and Desmume not at all.
Also if you are supporting dsi-ware, you may be one step ahead.
zomza says:
Feb 21st 2018
The whole problem with the DSi though is the one doing most of the research for it is the author of no$gba. So if DSi-ware doesn't work in that yet then you probably wont get it in other emulators. They'd need the bootrom for the DSi dumped too and they haven't found a method yet to actually do it yet I believe
swagmaster6969696969 says:
Mar 5th 2018
Any plans on that gba slot? I don't mean gba emulation, just support for games that access the game on it, like megaman zx.
swagmaster6969696969 says:
Mar 5th 2018
Is there any plans on a fullscreen mode?
swagmaster6969696969 says:
Mar 13th 2018
So I Was wondering if anyone could Give me Some BIN Files for DS Emulation Firmware I Need
arm7 (or 8 I Dont know which exists)
And Firmware.bin
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