melonDS 0.6b
As promised, the quick fix release is out. There are a few other goodies too.


Windows 64-bit
Linux 64-bit

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elcorsico28 says:
Dec 16th 2017
cool , good fix
implemented too the f11 for fullscreen
thanks devs ;-)
Wolfe says:
Dec 17th 2017
tfw I took the time to compile latest commit from source, then I check here and pre-compiled binaries are already there now. :p

Also I'm pretty sure 73bf447 fixed the last of the audio glitches I was seeing (at least the ones which weren't caused by slowdowns), so that's super nice.

By now, aside from emulator feature fluff, not sure what's left that can still be improved upon for 0.7... besides stable Wireless LAN emulation, but I imagine that'd be a lot of work to have ready for something that was implied to be out by Christmas... unless... *conspiracy and you've actually been secretly improving it without telling anyone :O*
Just kidding, I have no unreasonable expectations. :p
sebm says:
Dec 30th 2017
melonDS 0.6b
Assertion 'p' failed at pulsecore/memblock.c:867, function pa_mempool_block_size_max(). Aborting.

error on linux x64
junhyeok Kwon says:
Jan 6th 2018
Thank you.
Thanks I have a lovely time.
junhyeok Kwon says:
Jan 6th 2018
Why removed program ver 0.7.
junhyeok Kwon says:
Jan 6th 2018
Why removed program ver 0.7.
yeick says:
Jan 11th 2018

hello your emulator is very good I wanted to ask you this question
the emulator can be played online local with a nintendo DS console
Red_Soul says:
Jan 13th 2018
I'm not the dev, but I believe MelonDS cannot comunicate with physical DSes, if that's what you're asking.
BlookyDJ says:
Jan 17th 2018
So I Was wondering if anyone could Give me Some BIN Files for DS Emulation Firmware I Need
arm7 (or 8 I Dont know which exists)
And Firmware.bin
Thanks for your Support!
- Blook
GarryBok says:
Dec 12th 2019
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AaronIsona says:
Jan 10th 2020
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